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Today marks the end of a new year and the start of a new decade. As we reflect on the digital transformations made over the last 10 years. It is wondrous how much information technology has evolved and shown us. Innovations made have created the foundation for far more intuitive solutions for business to consumer engagement.

Our team was thinking of a pretty macro question about the notorious short message service (SMS). What exactly has happened to it over the past 10 years that is notable?

Well, we found that it could be understood by understanding exactly what SMS is to the world.

What is Information Technology?

SMS along with many other technologies that share similar characteristics are part of a discipline called information technology. Information technology is the use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information (Source: Wikipedia). Information technology providers such as Textmunication have created solutions that make that exchange of information and data, more manageable. 

Short Message Services (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and Rich Communication Service (RCS) are all examples of innovations that have evolved to fulfill that need. The transaction of information quickly, securely and easily.

So what exactly has happened over the past 10 years for information technology like SMS? It has evolved to become more reliable, but even more engaging. RCS is the future of where SMS is going once the foundation is set. As well as when providers, aggregators, and carriers start to get on the same page.

Text messaging has seen triple-digit adoption in just the last two years alone and had exploded into the API economy. Alongside the evolving nature of the experience, SMS will offer. Another avenue that it is starting to resonate with product usage concepts is how much utility SMS messaging serves as an app feature in everyday life. Like when you’re trying to connect with your uber driver or when you want to get a digital receipt for a recent purchase. SMS is definitely going to be around for a while because it works and any application can leverage the opportunities it can create.

Do you know how many texts are sent every year?

Screen Shot 2019 12 31 At 15.05.27

That sure is a lot of messages going back and forth. Any mathematicians out there?

This is our last Text Talk for the year and decade and as always we wanted to give you a summary of what we will cover in this publish.

In brief, we will cover:

  • Software Updates
  • Platform How-to Video Updates
  • Website Updates

Software Updates

Software Updates Text Talk April 2020 Version 1.2

We are super excited about these software updates made on the client-side portion of our Smart Automated Messaging platform SAM from our latest sprint. With our improvements, we strive to take a holistic approach, by listening to the market and using that sound to prioritize our product development.

  • Platform operators can now schedule campaigns for up to one year. Additionally, we had this set for 14 days, but some strategies involved a greater scheduling reach.
  • Past campaigns for both immediate and scheduled campaigns now display in chronological order for greater data clarity.
  • Personal trainer (PT) / Class appointments now fetch data 30 days in advance.
  • Personal trainer (PT) / Class appointments will be reflected on Auto-SMS reports.
  • Performance improvements to the automated billing alert APIs for our software partners
  • TextMe Webform feature added so users who fill out a web form can also submit a message back to the platform so the operators can get more insight.
  • Image link generator added so users can now host and share any digital assets directly from SAM.

Platform How-to Video Updates

How To Videos Text Talk Dec 2019

Platform operators now have the ability to view short-form how-to videos on specific features. We had a different approach with the directing of the videos so that they are more congruent and concise. To view them, just access the platform and select the “?” in that section of the platform.

Website Updates

Website Updates Text Talk Dec 2019

We have some new website updates coming! Our site is one of our most important digital assets for our stakeholders because it allows us to share all the important info around the clock.

  • SAM page updates

We have refined the information visually and contextually on our SAM product page to deliver a better experience for browsers. As you may know, SAM is the paragon of Textmunication’s user-interface offering so we wanted to update the feel in this portion of the site.

  • Why SMS page

We are including an explainer page to the legendary short message service protocol. It will include a brief history of the adoption of SMS as well as notable statistics that illustrate its effectiveness throughout the years.

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