If you’re a marketing or advertising agency, how can you reap the benefits of text marketing for your client without a good SMS marketing software? Or do you want to establish your hold on marketing without having a product of your own or wish to bank on an existing and successful tool? All these questions have one solution.

A white label SMS marketing solution. Let’s help you understand this popular and proven style of rebranding a software or a solution without owning it.

What is White Label SMS Marketing Service?

Like any white label product, a white label SMS marketing service allows a company to rebrand an existing third-party solution with their own branding guidelines. For instance, an advertising agency buys a white label subscription of Textmunication’s SMS software and uses it for their customers in health and fitness space like gyms and clubs as their own with their pricing structure.
If you use Textmunication’s SMSing solution as a white label service, your users wouldn’t feel a shift in their experience. Apart from branding, you would reap more benefits as explained below:

Why Partner with Textmunication’s White Label SMS Marketing?

1. Pricing
You can take our services but price the solution for your users by setting up a plan that suits your branding and package structuring. Thus, you can have a leash over your revenue. And your users wouldn’t have a clue about our pricing structure.
Also, by using a good white label SMS marketing software like ours, you save a lot of time and money on the research and development of the product. Don’t forget the benefits of market-ready products. Because time to market is one excruciating cycle of days, you don’t want to go through.

2. Branding
Your users wouldn’t notice your association with Textmunication. You can brand your SMSes with a short code and URLs with a domain name that belongs to you. A website link that carries your name and logo. The tools will reflect your featured aesthetics like color scheme and fonts.

3. Account Management
You have complete reign over your account with Textmunication. All the dashboards and reports to monitor KPIs are at your fingertips. Run them at your convenience and generate your insights to make crucial business decisions.

4. Our Features are Yours
SAM, our Smart Automated Messaging solution, comes with a bundle of benefits and unique features. When you buy a white label subscription from us, all our features will be yours too.
You get a customized URL page to operate the tool within your domain name. Alongside seamless integration possibilities with popular CRM and marketing tools, you can keep an eye on historical data. Preview your campaigns and keep your users hooked for your clients with the best services and customer experience.
We also provide you with marketing material and simplify your life in these breakneck tasks.
Textmunication also supplies a launch kit, which means integrating our tool with your website and other branding aspects becomes easy. We handhold you for the initial setup and later during all the issues.
Read more about Textmunication’s benefits and features to learn what you are getting by partnering with us.

5. Total Control
With our solution, you don’t need to design, develop, or test any code or module. But you still gain a competitive edge in the industry because our product is proven for its abilities. You get the same admin software we use for our business, using white-labeled software.
Since our product offers a top-notch solution, you can establish yourself in the industry as a lead player. And all these with your control.

6. Worry Not About Data Breach
You can rest all your tensions about data breaches when SAM is by your side. Whether it’s your clients’ data or their users’ personal information security, or your own as a marketing or advertising agency, stay unworried. We follow all the norms related to data security governing a region or country and even international.

7. Round-the-Clock Support
The Textmunication team of expert designers and support professionals provides help and support to all our partners and clients. Every hour of a day. So, any technical or functional escalation of yours is our headache.


Talk To Sales

How Can You Become a Reseller of Textmunication’s SMS services?

If you want to try our services, you can opt for a 30-day free trial without sharing credit card information. We can tailor your need in SAM. Also, being a cloud-based software, SAM helps you pay as you go. We have varied plans based on your location and messaging capacity needs.
We offer unique options with the white label product. Ask us about the “Hybrid White Label solution”, unique in the industry or the “Revenue Sharing White Label model”. Once you confirm to take our services, we will create a white label partnership account for you.
Textmunication’s white label solution is perfect if you’re an advertising or marketing agency, run a PR firm, web designing solution, or work as a mobile marketing consultant. The product also helps web-based startups, mobile application API developers, and text messaging vendors.

Ready to Own SMS Services Without Having it?

Now that you don’t need to develop a product from scratch and have saved months—maybe years?—don’t look elsewhere. In a white label solution, especially in marketing where the industry has ample choices, you need a trusted partner with a track record that speaks for itself.
Please contact us here today and own your marketing dreams with software now.


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