What has been your usual way to test the waters when you plan to include a new tool in your business toolkit? Not watching webinars and videos, not reading the benefits, and comparing it with competitors. Just dive right into the murky water and observe the flow, warmth (or coolness), and salinity.

Since you’re only spending a short time, you should plan well and execute your strategy with the backing of experts. Also, your trial period should not only help you gain knowledge of the tool and make some benefits, but it should also help you learn what challenges await you at the fringes in hindsight.

Textmunication offers an easy 30-day free trial without sharing any credit card data. And we have your back throughout this period.

Let’s help you know what to include and test the SMS pilot program.

Launch an Effective Text Marketing Pilot with Textmunication

Plan Your Trial Text Marketing Strategy

  1. Define Your Goals

    Before launching your MMS and SMS pilot program, it’s vital to chalk out your goals. What targets do you want to achieve with your SMS marketing efforts? Is it sales you want to increase or generate leads? Do you wish to improve user engagement?

    Clearly defining your goals helps you put a plan and perspective in place. Measuring your outcomes also get simpler with a proper goal. Suppose you want to engage more with your users. Then you should strengthen your customer care outreach in users’ inboxes. Give them a platform to discuss their woes and feedback. Maybe start sending links to surveys and collect inputs.

    At this stage, you should also start developing your user database. Either seek permission via emails from your existing users, ask people’s consent and their contact who are coming to your outlet, or via a pop-up for your website visitors. But no SMS campaigns without promotion, as a rule.

    With a test program, you have a limited budget (or none at all), a small team, and a clock ticking fast in the background. Hence, your measurement criteria for your pilot’s results should also be defined at this stage. Look for benchmarks in your industry or similar campaigns.

    If you don’t find any that fulfills your criterion or match your offering, raise the bar of your achievements with your email marketing for the same because SMS has a 10-15% higher click-through rate than emails.

  2. Choose Your SMS Marketing Partner

    Although this can be your first step to zeroing in on a reliable and fruitful partnership, we still would want you to focus first on your goals and not the partner. Because your targets are probably the initiation question any vendor would ask in their first discussion. Just like we do.

    Now that you have defined your targets know the right checkboxes to tick when looking for an SMS marketing software and the apt brand.

    Look for a provider with robust automation, personalization, and reporting features. Security of your user database is also crucial. In a nutshell, a provider that covers basic to advanced facilities and is budget-friendly.

    How about a few special features to hook users from the moment you say go? Try our mobile scratcher if you choose us.

    When you shake hands with Textmunication as your SMS and MMS provider, we assure to meet all your needs.

  3. Identify the Target Audience

    Without knowing who your audience is, sending messages out in the wild will only waste your efforts, time, and investment. Suppose your brand deals in the lifestyle and health segment, say a gym. There is less profit in sending it to college and university aspirants.

    Textmunication can help you identify your target audience, one that will happily receive and respond to your SMS pilot program. No more worrying about being blocked.

    And Segment…

    Segment your audience based on their interests, behaviors, and preferences. This will allow you to tailor your SMSes and MMSes to specific groups of people, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your campaign.

    Consider demographics such as age, gender, location, employment, and interests. You can even go deeper and divide further based on psychographic dimensions such as views on your industry, lifestyle, social class, hobbies, and habits related to travel, finance, and health.

    Also, read how to run a successful test program in SMS marketing.

  4. Execute Your SMS Marketing and Communication Pilot

  5. Create Your First Campaign… and Second and Third

    Once you drill down to segments, launch your first set of campaigns based on your goals. It’s not necessary to test just one. But must be concise, engaging, and personalized.

    Choose a few test programs that are easy to measure and likely to fructify. For instance, your target is to promote your soon-to-be-launched product. So, spread awareness. Send a few promotional messages with a link to learn more. Roll out an infographic with 3 precise benefits. In another one, highlight the USPs compared to the industry.

    Once you complete your awareness campaigns, launch another set with offers. Share incentives in the form of discount coupons, membership vouchers, extended warranties, or free service and maintenance routines.

    By this time, you would know what works for your industry and offering.

    We can help you design them better by ironing out creases. We can’t stress enough the need to personalize them. Also, proper segmentation is crucial to personalize. Surely, you don’t want to send membership renewal reminders instead of invoices and offers.

  6. Analyze and Retrospect

  7. Track and Analyze Your Results

    What can’t be measured isn’t usually a good catalyst for RoI. How would you make decisions if you don’t have a report in your hand of the data? But at Textmunication, we believe in numbers and results. And we offer the same in our tool.

    Measure your campaign’s success by tracking your campaigns using KPIs such as open rates, read rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated. Watch all the KPIs in one place in your dashboard. Measure them according to the benchmark you’ve set in your goals.

    Textmunication, one of the best SMS marketing software, has a great tracking system and reporting capabilities. Analyze your MMS and SMS marketing and communication trials’ results and determine what went well for you and what needs tweaks to generate better results.

    Although you can start tracking the data through the dashboard from day one, waiting a few days to let the responses roll in is better. After you have the data, you can share the insights with your stakeholders and discuss what you can tweak to get the plan on track.

    If the results are highly favorable, you can prepare to go full-fledged into text marketing with Textmunication by upgrading your subscription.

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Launch Your SMS-Based Campaigns Today

At Textmunication, your business goal becomes our goal. Following the steps mentioned above, you can conduct an SMS or MMS pilot program effectively with a good RoI. Remember to set clear goals, target the right audience, choose a reliable provider like Textmunication, create engaging content, track your results, and analyze your data to improve your campaign.

Should you want to reach out to our textperts, contact us here.


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