What if a huge fraction of your prospects doesn’t even know your language? Would you still be able to market well and effectively? Of course… when you use SMS marketing. Your users don’t need to know your spoken language to be on your subscriber list. They can understand your message through images and the emotions embedded in your communication. However, SMS-based campaigns can easily be converted into any language, thanks to all the technologies associated with carriers, mobile communication, and device design.

So, when we say that if your audience can read and write in any language, you need us, it’s not an exaggeration.

Win All Age Groups of Users Using SMS Marketing

  1. Engaging with Gen-Z
    This is the generation that lives in “now and here”. They believe in the authenticity of a brand. What looks on the face should be in the heart to attract them. Also, Gen-Z or Zoomers are born in a digital age or at least have seen enough of the digital era to not really know the world before.This generation supports causes the most, like gender equality, gender fluidity, nature’s causes, and climate issues. So, try to engage them with real and authentic data. Prefer to share testimonials with real names and actual photographs to hook them with facts.

    They believe in saving time and flying by the seat of their pants. So, keep your messages succinct and less verbose. Since they lose focus easily, engage them using videos, gifs, and images—content that is appealing, not plain.

    Many of these people try to save money because they’re living in the early stage of their careers or are studying. So, a good discount can bring them on board. Zoomers also try and test the waters more often than older people. So, new and exciting features like gamification through SMS marketing should be on your agenda.

  2. Engaging with Millennials
    Millennials were born and brought up in the era when digital was taking over the analog world. They’ve seen both worlds enough. They’ve used cash and are using digital payment now. They’ve shopped at stores, and they’re used to shopping online.In short, millennials have been through both the digital and non-digital eras. So, they weigh things a little more on quality and services; money isn’t their only deciding factor. They go by credibility, reviews, brand prospects, and product quality.

    You should engage with this generation by first establishing trust over discounts. Share your survey results, brand news, reviews, testimonials, and achievements. That doesn’t mean bombarding them with your boastful messages. Embed your product review thoughtfully in your updates like payment status, cart reminders, and membership renewal.

    Millennials also don’t shy away from engaging and one-on-one chats. Winning them through text marketing strategy isn’t that difficult, unlike the boomers or Gen-Z, because texting is nothing new for Millennials. So, start an appealing conversation to understand their pain points. Mobile keyword marketing can be very useful for driving a good conversation.

  3. Engaging with Gen-X
    While this generation believes in a long-term customer relationship, they also care a lot about balanced deals and pricing. This generation is focused on saving money and fair deals because they have strong opinions about the right investment. With time, they can champion your brand among friends and family.You can keep them engaged with vouchers and deals. By sending them offers based on their purchasing history, you can drive them to buy more and eventually make more sales.

    Coupon codes come in handy when available in SMS rather than email. Also, send them scratch cards for surprise gifts and instant engagement.

    Gen-X is still that generation that likes to visit brick-and-mortar stores. If you can reach out to them using location-based marketing, SMS is your best bet because texting doesn’t need an internet connection. And you can invite them to your physical stores by offering them instant gratification of saving some bucks.

  4. Engaging with Boomers
    These customers believe in loyalty to the T. And a good helpdesk affects them strongly in a positive way. They cheer for their favorite brands and support them even when the tide takes a turn.Since they believe in making informed decisions and don’t like surprises, brand switching is not their usual trait. Such customers like retention schemes and loyalty programs. Keep them hooked with premium memberships, too. They can be proved highly impactful in bringing in new customers. So, offer them a referral bonus and friends and family benefits.

    Boomers also like simplicity. So, keep your SMS simple and avoid too many images, gifs, videos, and links. These can drive them away. Transactional messages, delivery updates, and brand news are better options for interacting with them.

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Text Marketing is for All

Your users may stay on the world’s opposite side and not even speak your regional language. They’re nine and ninety sometimes. They’re quality lovers and spendthrifts too. That’s how most audience groups are: varied demographics. But the most common thing is the pain point that only YOU solve for them. That’s why you need to go diverse and open-minded while catering to all your customers.

Since mobile marketing with SMS and MMS has the potential to reach every stratum, we highly recommend this overlooked marketing channel. If you want to discuss the untapped potential, contact us here.


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