I was meeting a friend for lunch today at a restaurant in a strip mall next to my office. The entrance for the restaurant is hard to find unless you know where it is, and I watched my friend walk by without seeing it.

I sent him a text that he passed it. Then when he passed by again, I sent him another. He read the text, found the door and came in.

I sent him a text instead of an email because I needed him to see the information immediately. I needed to get him data he would see and use while he was walking.

That’s the power of a text. People read texts immediately, even when they are lost and looking for a door. Email is a great tool to convey information. Text messages are the Power of Now.

If you interact with customers, you need your message heard now. You need to separate your message from the mass of unread email that sits unopened until it’s deleted. You need the Power of Now.

The Power of Now comes with responsibility as well. There are strict compliance rules that govern how you can text, and what you can say and how to opt out. These rules protect text messaging from people who would abuse it. These rules make this form of communication uniquely powerful and compelling. That’s why almost all text messages are read when they’re sent.

Let Textmunication unleash the Power of Now in your business. We’ll help you with compliance and we’ll provide a sophisticated, enterprise level software solution for you to communicate with your customers.

At Textmunication, we are dedicated to helping you maximize the Power of Now.

Textmunication – Create Value.   

Textmunication provides cutting-edge mobile marketing solutions to help you do just that. With a powerful yet intuitive suite of services, you are able to reach more customers faster and fine-tune your mobile advertising to achieve the best results. We put THE POWER OF MOBILE in your hands.

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