At Textmunication, we bridge the gap between large-scale enterprise software and individual customer relationship management in the health and fitness industry. Our software sits on our partner’s enterprise servers that provide fitness locations around the world a single point of contact to manage their business. What we allow our customers to do, quite simply, is become more profitable while complying with the laws that regulate customer contact through SMS.

Our value proposition is simple.

To fitness centers, we offer a solution to reach customers cheaply, efficiently and legally.
To our software partners, we offer an additional competitive advantage with a robust software interface that is easily deployed.

The value of our product is in the short payback time, quantifiable marketing advantage and legal compliance. The health and fitness world is becoming more technically integrated, and we sit at the center of that change.

Textmunication is the health & fitness industry’s leader in SMS mobile marketing & communication. Textmunication is an online mobile marketing & communication platform that synchronizes with your Club Management System to support; sales, service, operations and retention with today’s most popular & effective forms of communication. As your Software’s approved & integrated SMS vendor we have the ability to auto pull your club data and automatically build you an opt-in text message database to automate customized text message solutions based on your business needs.

At Textmunication we take pride in helping clubs grow their business, following industry regulations & guidelines and being TextPerts within the health & fitness space.

Textmunication – Create Value.  

Textmunication provides cutting-edge mobile marketing solutions to help you do just that. With a powerful yet intuitive suite of services, you are able to reach more customers faster and fine-tune your mobile advertising to achieve the best results. We put THE POWER OF MOBILE in your hands.

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