Christina is the marketing head of a global retail business. Her CEO assigns him a quarterly goal of increasing customer engagement threefold and showing them the brand’s gratitude. But got her hands tied with a limited budget.

Social media sounds like a long and expensive road to Christina. Emails could work well to express gratitude to the users, but Christina is apprehensive about the engagement. After all, who opens emails from businesses when users are deluged with spam?

She brain-tinkers and concludes that smart messaging via texts is her best option. When she reaches out to the Textmunication team, we introduce her to some of our praise-worthy features that instantly create fruitful communication and hook customers.

With Smart Automated Messaging (SAM), Christina’s marketing team now sends 3 to 4 lines of simple texts to the retail audience and wins their hearts with surprise gifts and bonuses.

Today, in the feature series, we discuss the benefits of such features that are pure pleasure to users who like to engage via SMS marketing.

QR Code-Based Coupon Benefits with Textmunication SMS Marketing

SMS to QR code scan offers is a wonderful Textmunication feature, which has garnered the spotlight among several of our clients.

All you need to do is hide an offer behind a QR code during a promotional period or in deals. Let your users scan the QR code with their phone. Once done, they receive their prizes in the SMS via your brand.

With a unique and interactive way to access promotions and deals, this feature helps increase user engagement and improves customer experience. It’s a quick and easy process and doesn’t need users to download any extra app, making their experience smooth and seamless.

Not only has this been proven a memorable style for Christina to interact with her user base, but has also been her cost-effective route to effective marketing.

Another smart action that Christina usually takes is tracking the scanning of the QR codes, and connecting the buying history with a user’s demographic data. Such tracking helps her better understand their preferences and shopping behavior.

Spinning Wheel Campaigns with Textmunication SMS Marketing

The cultural phenomenon that the Wheel of Fortune game show was, we got inspired and created a digital spinning wheel for your users as a part of the benefits of Textmunication’s SAM.

Share the spinning wheel campaign with users over SMS. Let your subscribed users spin a wheel with a fixed number of spins and add a call to action. The prizes that your users win are messaged to them. Create more fun-filled messages and run raffles and contests during a new feature launch, a product promotion, or just to promote your brand.

This feature of text marketing has been a substantial source of motivation for Christina’s audience to engage with her company and win something for themselves. It can work doubly in your favor if your audience spreads your brand’s awareness after winning a lottery.

Also, read about the call and chat features of Textmunication’s SAM for better customer service.

Scratcher Bonanza with Textmunication Text Marketing

Another feature very similar to the spinning wheel is Scratcher. This feature is as exciting as buying a lottery ticket and winning. Who doesn’t want to scratch a card and grab a free dollar to buy something of their choice? This is exactly what you can offer to your users with surprise gifts as low as a few pennies and keep them engrossed.

Ask your users to send you a predefined text to a short code and subscribe to your SMS marketing list. Or send a question to a user from the list if they’re happy to play the Scratcher. Once you and your user are in consensus, you send them a mobile scratcher. And in return, offer a few users (based on your campaign’s budget) some prizes.

Scratcher is a grand style to hook new and old users equally and amp up customer engagement with SMS marketing.

Whenever Christina’s users win a prize, even as tiny as a 5% discount on her brand’s new line of apparel, they shop consistently. And her revenue graph soars high.

Affordable Pricing2

What’s Your Process to Increase User Engagement?

If you’ve been stuck with raising your customer experience and engagement game, you’re in the right place. With MMS and SMS marketing and communication being underrated and yet one of the most fruitful channels, you can gain more audience within a few months.

Whether you’re new to this arena or have been setting up your feet for some time, Textmunication is just the right platform for you. Reach out to us for a free demo today and decide for yourself.


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