When in marketing, innovation and new ideas are your friends. SMS and MMS marketing is an underutilized channel offering many pocket-friendly and simple solutions. Textmunication, a text marketing software, takes care of your users at every funnel level and helps you reach out to them without being nosy or desperate.

Here is a glance at all the major benefits you can reap using SAM—Smart Automated Messaging, our SMS and MMS marketing solution.

Benefits of Textmunication Text Marketing Solution

  1. Easy Subscriber Database Growth

    Textmunication helps you grow your mobile database without a hitch. Expand your user list at scale and be on the safe side by seeking content and following the telecom industry’s most discussed issue of unsolicited marketing.

    SAM sends automated disclaimers to all the users. And if anyone has not received it, you will get a notification. Thus, you can stay assured of not breaching the cellular sector’s compliance.

    You can integrate SAM with your CRM, point-of-sale system, or other customer lists and import them (with consent).

  2. Smooth Personalization

    No user likes to feel ignored as “just another someone” from the noisy crowd. You must pamper customers and make them feel respected and cared for. For this, personalization strategies play an important role.

    Use the first name to address them. You can send texts relevant to user locations only. SAM also lets you determine the best-suited time for their responses. You can decide the frequency of marketing, too.

    Textmunication offers great customization features. With a user database, you can create segments based on their demographics, likings, shopping journeys, funnel stages, and membership types. Use these segments to promote campaigns specially curated for your audience.

  3. Higher Engagement

    Textmunication offers several gamified and fun-filled features in just 160 characters. You can use Scratcher to run a lottery-like system on SMS for users. With Scratcher, offer surprise gifts and add-ons to loyal customers. Even first-time users who opted in will love receiving a scratch card for some extra kick.

    Similarly, you can spike your user engagement using the digital spinning wheel concept in SMS. Use this as a birthday or anniversary gift to show appreciation for the cherished relationship and watch your engagement rate soar. Use it during festive periods, product launches, or brand promotions to run raffles and contests.

    QR code-based scanning is another feature of SAM that receives good impressions. Let your users scan a QR code promoted in your SMS marketing campaign to win prizes.

    Read more about our gamified engagement features here.

  4. Right Measurement

    SAM helps you measure your campaign’s success from the moment you start planning it. Yes, not after the launch but from the conception stage.

    As soon as you curate marketing ideas, set goals for your text marketing project in SAM. Launch your test campaign and start seeing the results in a few days. SAM tracks click-through rate, response rate, conversion rate, and other marketing KPIs indispensable to your targets.

    SAM lets you monitor important statistics such as total campaigns, messages sent, number of delivered and undelivered texts, and history of your campaigns.

    Once you collect substantial data, you can share reports with the stakeholders and amend your business strategies based on the insights.

  5. Security and Safeguard

    Our SMS protocols are SSL encrypted, keeping you worry-free about your project confidentiality and user data. When you use SAM, new subscribers receive your terms and conditions and a consent option. This feature protects you from being spammy, even unknowingly or by mistake.

    Our SMS platform is so safe that you can embed it for two-factor authentication with any application.

    Also, SAM collects, stores, processes, reports, and archives user data, following strict national and international regulations. Read the amendment in the 10DLC policy that affects businesses using 10-digit long codes for SMS marketing.

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Ready To Embrace SMS Marketing in 2024?

The market has several text marketing software, but what stands us apart is our experience and the benefits SAM offers. Our SMS marketing tool can prove to be a boon for your business. Don’t let the festive season slip away without some innovative promotions. If you’re in for a quick discussion, tap us here and block a free demo today.


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