UCAN Chicago, one of our nonprofit clients, uses SMS and MMS marketing and communication to raise funds, build relationships in the community, and empower the youth. With Textmunication’s SMS platform, they’ve reached a benchmark figure of $21M with their fundraising. All courtesy to SMS marketing benefits.

You can also achieve high revenue by charming your customers the right way. Reach out to them personally and create a highly engaging network using texts. Here’s how SMS spikes your revenue like several of our customers did.

Why SMS Marketing Generates More Revenue

  1. SMS Handles Urgency Like a Pro

    Texting, by its intrinsic nature, is urgent. Most people don’t open their email address book to type a message but text for immediate response.

    Texting delivers messages immediately without the hassle of being blocked by the mobile carrier, unlike emails. And so you can send urgent and time-sensitive messages with better responses and attention. Did you know SMS has a read rate of 98%, and nearly 90% are read within 3 minutes of delivery?

    If you want to send urgent messages to your staff about a meeting cancelation, students about their enrolment status, buyers about stock arrival, and diners about food festivals, SMS is your way to get noticed.

    Our client, The Big C Athletic Club, generated 22 memberships in the first month of their SMS promotional program. A 31% conversion from the newly generated leads!

  2. Texting is Personal and Highly Personalized

    Social media marketing is for the crowd. You can’t target individuals on this channel. Calls are too intruding and annoying. Emails get long and salesy; they’re dumped out of the primary inbox anyway.

    But when it comes to texting, you’re reaching out the mobile devices that remain close to the users almost all the time. Texting is considered very personal. Also, you can personalize your texts to the users. With one look, your users know what to do with the message. No scrolling or long typing.

    One of our clients, Eagle Fitness, shot their due payment collections from 67% to 84% in just one month. That too with automated SMS services. All because they integrated a single number to call back in their payment reminder texts. Such is the impact of a personalized channel.

  3. Texts Messages are Omnipresent

    Statista expects the number of mobile devices (not subscriptions) to reach 18.22B by 2025. Imagine the potential of text marketing and communication in the next few years. Even now, you’ve a huge target audience of 8.6B subscriptions (as of 2021).

    However rural or underdeveloped, almost all pockets of residential or commercial areas in the world have a presence of one or the other mobile network. Your intended audience need not have a smartphone and shouldn’t need to be online all the time. Texting reaches wide and deep due to its compatibility with 2G, 3G, 4G, and feature phones.

    Because of its deeper penetration, an SMS can tap your users anytime, (nearly) anywhere in the world. Owing to its omnipresence, you don’t need your users to approach your shop or read a billboard or access the internet to connect with you.

    The global acceptance of SMS technology is visible in the fact that 74% of consumers like to receive text messages from businesses.

  4. SMS and MMS Marketing is Non-Spammy

    Most promotional emails don’t get through the barbed wires of spam filters. Calls get dropped midway or don’t get picked at all. But mobile marketing with SMS and MMS has an edge here. They often pass through the barriers of spam checks and land directly in your users’ inboxes.

    Since MMS and SMS marketing and communication need explicit permission from the users to receive promotional texts, you usually target only your intended audience. And chances of getting blocked or marked as junk are slim. And the odds of being read and answered are quite high.

    When you use short code or 10DLC, your codes are verified and hence, aren’t considered spam. You even get priority from the mobile network. It’s this non-spammy nature that one of our clients, Code Brew Coffee Shop, marked 77% of redemption during one of their campaigns for free coffee.

  5. SMS Promotions are Crisp Yet Effective

    Texting, being personal, is sharp and known to generate more responses. With Textmunication’s SAM, you can automate your text marketing strategy and create SMS drip campaigns in just 160 characters.

    You can also use MMS to include GIFs, videos, and infographics to make the messages peppier and enticing.

    Although a text fits 160 characters, its effects are immense compared to emails and calls. Most emails go unread or tabled for an indefinite period. Calls need more follow-up calls and voice messages. These time-consuming processes tire a team’s morale and eat up the bandwidth needed to focus on users and actual work.

    That’s why our client, Cardio Express from the fitness club industry, increased the on-time collection by 30% within 30 days with just 4 billing text campaigns.

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Are You Ready to Bank on SMS-based Campaigns?

If you think text marketing strategy for user communication is only for beginners in marketing or cash-stripped start-ups, then think again. And think hard to include this arrow in your marketing arsenal that hits the bull’s-eye almost always. If you want to venture into SMS marketing, seek our textperts’ assistance here.


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