Who We Are

We have been the leading customized mobile marketing solutions provider for the hospitality, QSR and fitness industry for more than 10+ years. We have a service reach in the United States, Canada and UK.

We are based in East Bay California in a city called Pleasant Hill, which is next to the greater Silicon Valley region. Textmunication was founded in 2009 with one simple idea in mind. How can we bridge the communication gap between businesses and consumers using a medium that is available to everyone, yet stands out from the rest.

What We Do

Our proprietary software is a progressive cloud-based web application that includes proven and tested solutions for each market segment. We are currently in the third generation of our web application SAM. SAM stands for Smart Automated Messaging and has the competence to send and receive SMS and RCS messaging protocols. Teams can use SAM to scale their mobile marketing campaigns because our suite makes it easy to collect, manage and connect with their subscribers, all in one place.

Our customer portfolio includes markets primarily in the Health and Fitness, Nonprofit, Social Service, Salon and QSR/Restaurant industries. We also have clients in all other industries such as entertainment, marketing agencies, government and transportation. All the industries we work with are onboarded with a customized solution that fits around their clients’ needs.

SAM, Textmunication’s cloud-based web application advances what is understood about direct engagement. We offer messaging automation that allows our users to set up the application to perform for them based on triggers. These automation triggers are deployed in the event of application-based inputs or through our APIs. This makes it so SAM is always working with you around the clock, boosting productivity and going after more potential revenue.

Automated SMS messaging was a technological breakthrough and our team was proud to be one of the first pioneers for the feature in our market. It gives our users the ability to schedule single or multiple future campaigns, assist in operations assignments such as collection delinquent debts, sending reminders, notices and all other communication paradigms.

Why We Do It

The purpose of automation is to reduce operational workload and improve efficiencies. Those were the direct principles that created a clear path, from an uncharted arena of research and development our team has done over the years.

We wanted to create tools that marketing teams can implement immediately with ease and get results now. In this mobile era it is about the relevance of our engagements and keeping a connection. SAM is the solution to that problem and allows our users to do it in an easy and simple way that will count.

In this mobile era it is about the interactional intelligence, international relevance of engagements and technology that is equipped to handle that needs. The SMS and RCS messaging infrastructure was built to handle this capacity at a global scale and Textmunication is proud to be a part of the evolution and leading the way.

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