Authors: The Textmunication Team | January 4, 2018 | 5 min read

Business people always think of making their product and brand popular. In order to achieve their goal they are ensuing innovative ideas to reach their customers. A2P messaging is an efficient and simple way to optimize your business. The text messaging benefits you more than other ways of marketing. Mere texting is not enough to achieve your goal. The compassionate interactions make good bondage between the businessperson and customer. Let’s see how to make simple message into a compassionate interaction.

What is A2P Messaging?

A2P (Application to Person) is a process of a sending text message from an application to a mobile user. Similarly the mobile subscriber can also send his text messages through the application and it is known as P2A (person to application). A2P messaging is mainly used for sending notifications, alerts, automatic booking confirmations, marketing notifications and loyalty programs.

1. Precise messaging:

The text message should be definite and accurate. In online shopping business the time of delivery is relevant to the customer. For example, send text messages as ‘receive a parcel between 06:00 PM – 07:00 PM’. It makes the customer to be at home during that time and not waiting for the parcel for a whole day. It adds loyal customers too.

2. Relevant context:

The promotional message should be apt and relevant. In an offer message, the message should contain the offer amount, percentage or offer valid date. For example a message body might read

“10% offer on your brand. Offer valid till 31st December, 2017.” 

3. Embolden Two way messaging:

Sometimes we enter the wrong pin while swiping the debit or credit card. An instant alert message will reach the mobile alerting about the swipe. If the card is used by someone else, then the customer has to call the bank for blocking the card. Instead, if a reply option is available then he can alert the bank to block the card via the same application. It will benefit both the customer and the bank.

4. Automate personalization makes trust:

The customers feel better at receiving an automated text message regarding their tickets for a show, rooms, etc. This will earn trust and contact you constantly.

5. Understanding the customer needs:

Understanding the customer needs and timely serving will earn good value for your business. Texting is a great tool lie in the hands of the marketers to reach the customers towards them. Only compassionate interactions make good relationship between you and your loyal customers. The Textmunication texting platform is always ready to help you for perfect interactions.


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