Textmunication brings you Text Talk December, our monthly newsletter where we present the latest news on our software advancements, hand selected industry insights and other important topics regarding text message marketing. What a year it has been for us all right? First and foremost we would like to pay a huge thanks to essential workers on the front-lines and all that are supporting. We understand that this is a newsletter about marketing technology and why it is important to the world, but so is sharing the value of humanity.


At the end of the year, our team rallies together to spend time thinking about our journey; what our loudest customer callings are, how we can keep evolving our answer to that feedback and the involvement Textmunication has to empower the communities and corporations we serve. We are excited to welcome 2021 and all opportunities that are on the horizon.


In brief we will cover:


  • Software enhancements
  • ROI Calculator
  • SMS in 2021

Software Updates Text Talk April 2020

Parent account URL click reporting advanced


We have advanced the URL click reporting to make feedback more seamless. Now from the parent account of a multi-location setup, users are able to go a step further and get a full summary of engagement metrics. All you have to do is nominate a parent account and the metrics for child accounts will all be available. Reporting should be easy so you can get back to work.


Short URL creator added 


We added a short URL creator in the tools section which also features a library of all the short URLs you have created in your account. Now we added a drawer so users can access them whenever they need to.


Opt-outs reporting summaries


We have made it easier to see who has opted out of your group. Navigate to the subscriber section of SAM, select the group and that information is available amongst other important list summary information.


ASF RESTful integration prospect, members, scheduler API

We have advanced the integration we have with ASF to bring you super cool automated features for prospects and members! If you or anyone you know uses ASF let them know that Textmunication has the best SMS API for ASF payment solutions users on the market!


Create custom fields for web forms


We have given users the freedom to create custom attributes and use them in their web forms to collect more data. Segmentation in theory is target ability so let your creativity wander and see how specific data points can yield return.


Show or hide keyword opt-ins in Inbox section 


The inbox feature was a mix of all types of recipients responses, but we found that it would be easier if users had the ability to control the content in their inbox. if we gave them the ability to remove keyword opt-ins. Now you can filter out keyword opt-ins so users don’t confuse that info with actual dialogue.


Offers campaign type added


Welcome the new campaign type called offers! Again, offers allow you to add a rich component to your text message marketing experience so you can welcome your recipients to a campaign using an interactive URL that gives you the ability to add an offer expiration date as well as additional copy. Oh yeah, we also added a “add offer url to message body” shortcut so you do not have to leave your campaign to find the SAM generated short URL.


File size description added


By popular demand we just had to add this directory, but let it be known that the maximum file size for an upload is 20MB in any section of SAM.


ROI Calculator Dec 2020 V2


Our team just launched our ROI calculator! It is not like any ordinary calculator or contraption. We hand selected variables that we believed were dependent on the success and return of your text message marketing practices. What is more important, the cost or the return? Well we know one thing. It helps to know the expected return so you and your team can understand the risk mitigation involved with the investment.


Our mobile engagement platform SAM connects the relationship between your contact volume, promotional frequency and expected revenue per conversion.


Now you can learn the increase in annual revenue and how much you can save on operational costs when you deploy your SMS marketing strategy with Textmunication. You can check it out here.


SMS In 2021


SMS messaging will go through a lot of changes next year. As we start the new year off in an era that involves an emphasis on virtual experiences. Businesses will be looking for ways on how they can become competitive and take a step further in how they are designing their direct communication strategies.


That very principle is how we are designing SAM. Smart automated messaging means more than instant and direct engagement. Although, those qualities that have ignited the way for all the innovation we have been able to bring to market today.


You may be thinking, how will artificial intelligence exploit new opportunities with SMS marketing? Our current roadmap with SAM will push the limits with SMS engagement in 2021 by leveraging artificial intelligence, the messaging infrastructure that the protocol is built on, and content interpretation. The goal has always been the same. How can we supercharge the communities and help teams pursue more effective and impactful forms of outreach At Textmunication we believe we have the answer to that and we are just getting started. That is all for this newsletter ladies and gentlemen. Until next time and as always, happy texting and happy holidays!


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