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Welcome to another monthly newsletter where our team here at Textmunication brings you our version of the latest pulsation on our industry, market, product, and company news! We hope that your team is finding resilience through this time in your strategies to grow your businesses and as always we are here to help with that.

Have you seen the survey we are conducting on SMS marketing through COVID-19? Click here to view.

In brief, we will cover:

  • Software enhancements just released
  • New features are on the way
  • Partnership network
  • Daily platform training on SAM

Software enhancements

Personalize Texts with Subscribers Name

When you send a text message, include your subscriber’s first name to create a more personalized message!

Customizable Web Forms

You can now brand web forms with logos, colors and collect additional info like address, zip code and more!

Multi-User logins

Create additional user logins for an account! Now members of your team can sign in and send messages using their own credentials.

How to Videos Are Here

How-To videos added throughout the system for each feature in case you need to refresh yourself on how a particular feature works. Just click the ‘?’ icon!

Offer Expires Countdown

Send deals or coupons that will countdown in real-time to a set expiration date building urgency to claim now.

Inbox/Two-Way communication

Notification feature that will send an SMS to users when somebody messages Inbox for faster awareness.

Mobile Scratcher and Mobile Referral

Send interactive SMS scratch cards to create a contest with your subscribers as well as unique web forms to capture referrals made by your customers.

New features on the way

SAM Blast 

Send SMS, RCS, Email, and Social Media all within our central platform! Post the same content across all your channels or a specific one, like SMS & Email, without having to log in to multiple platforms!

Partnership Network Text Talk Aug 2020

At Textmunication we value software that makes a difference. Making a difference to us means that your organization offers a solution that is delivering innovative change to your market. Explore the organizations that we are working with now on our partnership network page. Click here to view.

 Daily Platform Training Aug 2020

We believe your success is based on three determinants. One is your understanding of all the features on SAM, two your understanding on the benefits, and lastly the use cases that will prove them to be most effective! That is why we created and design our daily training sessions that get you right in front of a Textmunication rep live so you can get the most out of your text message marketing experience. There are two primary ways you can get training from us.

One-on-one and group sessions

Training Link On Website Aug 2020

In our group sessions, you will have the opportunity to be able to work with Textmunication representatives on your mobile engagement goals and necessities so we can craft a feature set that works best for you. Click here to schedule training.

How-to videos

Questions Marks In SAM Aug 2020

If you do not have time to sit in with a Textmunication representative we also offer platform level tooltips that will offer you quick and easy how-to videos. The how-to videos are snackable size tutorials that will give you a quick platform overview of that section so you can learn on the go!

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