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We have some exciting new updates that we launched into production recently for our standalone and integrated partners. Let’s dive right in!

Software Updates Text Talk April 2020

Chinese characters supported in campaigns


Our platform now supports chinese characters! We have been expanding our service reach to Asia and to create a more seamless user experience. Now users can send campaigns if they include Chinese characters in the message bodies. 


Emojis icons are now supported


Emoji are now available and supported in SMS (text message) campaigns! Emoji are pictograms, logograms, ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages. They are perfect for adding a little flare to your campaigns so take our you emoji keyboard and give them a shot!


Performance enhancements on Campaign and Scratcher reporting


We made some enhancements to the campaign and scratcher reporting features so that the data is more comprehensive! As you know data is king, so our team likes to put a lot of emphasis on how we can create an analytical experience that can inspire new ideas.


Class appointments feature updated – Jonas Software users only


For our Jonas compete software users we updated the class appointments API so that the messages send out more accurately. There were some bugs experiences with that feature and now it is all settled.


Expiration date added to data Query – EZFacility and Twin Oaks users only


We added the field member expiration to the integrated query manager so that EZMessaging and Twin Oaks users can target all the memberships that are scheduled to expire soon. That way target campaigns can be done much easier on the platform level without having to do any offline spreadsheet work!

Revamp on MyLA Rewards and Check In feature


We enhanced the MyLA Rewards and Check In feature to be more smooth and seamless. Some users said that they were experiencing some wonky bugs when users checked in and we got those kinks out. 


We have also added a select queries option to the MyLA integrated rewards feature so our integrated users can have a more streamlined experience with this feature. Try it out now and let us know how your experience goes!


Custom Auto SMS time range update


When it comes to campaigning we are all about best practices. Remember there is a proper time to send campaigns to make sure that they are most effective. To support this we put a system range on the send time so any custom auto SMS campaigns don’t go out anytime outside of 6 AM – 9 PM in your time zone.


Warning pop up for needed disclaimers


Keeping your mobile program consent based just got easier! We implemented a warning pop up alert in the campaign center to alert users if they have disclaimer messages that need to be sent out. It is super important to establish this relationship between you and your mobile database and now the system will remind you if you need to do so. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.


Multi-part message option in Campaign Center


We added a multi-part option in the campaign center to give users more engagement experience insight. Now you can send longer campaigns beyond the 160 character limit and have transparency in the amount of text message that your recipients will receive. Also in the reporting section we updated this section to accurately reflect the amount of messages that the recipient receives.


QR code generate added


We have added a QR code generated to webforms so now your interactions can be consumer initiated in another creative way. A long awaited feature that a lot of users have been asking for. 


We have seen the use of QR codes adopted even more since the panemidc started. You have probably even come across them in an outdoor dining experience when your waiter or waitress said, “do you know how to access our menu?” Check out how this feature works in our systems web form creator and create one yourself!


Thanks for reviewing our software release notes, our team works holistically and cross departmentally from sales, support, research and development to create the best product we can for our users and software partners. Stay tuned for our release notes next month!


If you have any questions about any of these features, please feel free to contact us.


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