SMS marketing isn’t a buzzword anymore. A huge fraction of the marketing community relies on the humble SMSing tool in your phones for reaching out to users. And if you aren’t tapping on this inexpensive mode of communicating with your audience, you’re missing something big. Not to forget, your omnichannel approach fails without including SMS marketing in your kitty.
But how can SMSes help to elevate your marketing strategy, you ask? A very viable question, indeed. Yet one that needs to be answered comprehensively. So, let’s help you understand how text marketing can help your business grow. Allow us to walk you through a list of proven methods you can do with SMSes.

How Text Marketing Can Grow Your Business

1. Mobile Coupons
Coupons have the power to sway 92% of shoppers from a no or maybe to an “oh, yes” while purchasing online. So why not bank on an SMS to share your digital vouchers and woo your customers?
Mobiles are now an indispensable part of your user base. Whether you’re promoting a new launch or selling an old product, updating your policies, or making your users aware of a new store, offer them a digital coupon with a discount code or a surprise gift at your store.

2. Better Reach
Now, if you’ve been using SMS for some time in your marketing processes or analyzing the possibilities, you already might know SMSes have a 98% open rate, far higher than emails. At least, now you know.
SMSes have better reachability because they don’t need an internet connection. Also, SMSes don’t land up in a spam folder like emails. Bank on this and reach out to your old customers for repeat purchases and new customers for feedback. Converting prospects into users through SMSes also holds a better probability than any other marketing channel.
No adverts from the prying eyes of brands your users have just browsed over eBay or Amazon disturb them in their SMS box. Unlike popular social media channels, you can always win over with this benefit. Moreover, you can simply link a referral bonus in your SMSes to grow your customer relationship. Because of these reasons, SMS has become a great way to promote your business,

3. Opt-In Permission and Opt-Out Facility 
As an unwritten rule, you should offer an opt-out code to all your subscribers in SMSes. This helps them know you care about their privacy and wishes. On the contrary, several emails don’t offer the users an unsubscribe option. If they do, users have to follow multiple steps and may need to answer a few questions. On the contrary, opting out of a brand’s promotional SMS queue is simple: type STOP or something similar according to your guideline.
Permission-based marketing is very important for the same reason—respect for users’ privacy. When you send an SMS to an interested user, you can simply seek their permission with 1 SMS. They would love to feel pampered.
Read how permission-based SMS marketing can be a game-changer in your business expansion.

4. Promotions and Surprise Raffle
Needless to say, you can use SMSes to reach out to your users far and wide to promote your products. Make new customers with discount vouchers and benefits for direct walk-in to a store. But you can also ask your users to text a code and enter into a surprise sweepstake. This can cause wonders with your sales during the festive and holiday seasons.
Flash sale works amazing if you include a customized and secured payment link in your SMS or MMS. Include messages like “free shipping”, “same-day delivery”, or “customization available” for a faster turnaround from your shoppers.

5. Collect Crisp Feedback
Gone are the days when you would wait for days to receive users’ feedback. Instead, you can simply seek their opinions with short text-based codes. If you wonder how to obtain in-depth user feedback, worry not. Just embed a customized short URL for a survey form and allow your readers to complete a detailed questionnaire about your product or service.
Collecting feedback is not just a good way to improve your business but also to retain an existing audience.

6. Omnipresent Helpdesk
Instead of awaiting them online in a long queue or on IVR, let your users reach out to your helpdesk faster than any email or customer care number. SMSes are known to travel at high speed. So, utilize this channel to the fullest to record and attain your customers’ grievances.

7. MMS Power
Intrigue your customers with photos and videos of your services and products. Such content make your SMSes more inviting and convey a lot of information through a simple channel.
You can gamify your updates about delivery status and financial transactions. Informing customers of crucial information through simple text is vital. However, gamification using infographics, videos, gifs, or images is another level of fun for both parties.

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How Text Marketing Can Grow Your Business

If you have decided to tap into this marketing territory, you’re only a step away. And if you’re still in a dilemma, don’t worry about your investment because, with us, you are partnering with experienced teams that have proven track records.
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