Text messaging can be used to generate enrollments for online webinars because of the 90% open and read rates that the channel delivers. Webinars can be a useful online marketing tool because you can use them to connect large groups of people who share a common interest online and still leverage the value that face-to-face experiences bring. Not only that but, webinars can be used to create memorable experiences around product reviews, product demonstrations, focus groups, surveys, meet and greets and more.


Regardless of your strategy if you follow this three step process, you can be sure that your next webinar generates higher enrollment and participation. 


How to generate sign ups


After you have created your webinar details using the webinar service of your choice, now is the time to load all of those meeting details into your text marketing app. Place the name of the webinar, the date, the time, an incentive, and a short link to the registration details so they can submit their information.


How to generate participation


Now that you have sent out your first promotion to generate awareness on the webinar, you will want to make sure that all those registrants get a few text reminders about the webinar! The reminders will show that you are helping them stay on track and also give you another opportunity to maybe create some suspense and excitement around the campaign. Sending nurturing details like additional webinar features like updates to the agenda or special guest definitely help compound interest.


How to get feedback


After your webinar it is important to establish constant contact with your attendees. One of the best ways to do that is to send a follow up campaign asking them for post webinar feedback. This is a great way to continue to build on the relationship and show that you want to hear how the experience could have been improved for future campaigns.

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Creating more moderators


Another great way to continue to build on the relationship is to ask any of the attendees who were active on the webinar, perhaps one who asked open ended questions and had enthusiasm if they want to help host your next webinar experience. You could also ask them to do some campaigning with their networks so you can establish even more attendees from a different network.


As we say, texts works the best amongst the rest! So be sure to follow a similar format for this set up on all your channels to create a multi-channel effect. This is just one of the plethora of ways you can use a text messaging strategy to supercharge the communication impact of any campaign.


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