QR Codes and text message marketing strategies actually go more hand and hand than you may have originally thought. You are probably familiar with those black and white matrix-like barcodes that you can find on tables, desktop counter cards, commercial window displays or any other print material. Those are called QR codes and we have just added a QR code generator on SAM by Textmunication. There are tons of useful ways you can use them to create more interactive experiences between your customers and grow your database!


How it works?


We have created a QR code generator in two areas of SAM. The first is our keyword and keyphrase organizer and the second is our webform manager. The QR code offers another engagement option for consumers. So instead of opting in for info, they can scan for info or instead of opting in to enroll, they can scan to enroll. Of course this is all done through the camera that is available on that specific mobile device.  


Use cases 


The really intuitive thing about text marketing app supported QR codes is the app connection. Since the QR code generator is situated next to specific features, the flow to enable and use them is just as immediate as it would be to use any of the primary features. That means for popular use cases like:


  • Promotions
  • Coupons
  • Security
  • App downloads
  • Customer service and support
  • Internet access
  • Product insights
  • Product reviews
  • Help desk
  • Information requests


Whatever meets your imagination it is all possible and now available as a QR code in your favorite text marketing app, SAM! We know that the most popular mobile phone use cases for QR codes are centered around improving the consumer experience. Keywords and webforms are predominantly used in the similar fashion so we thought it would be fitting for usability. Again our team’s mission is to make the user experience with SAM pleasurable and fulfilling.


A reason for adoption


QR codes are fun to use and everyone actually thinks so. Especially because consumers enjoy to use their cameras to augment the world around them. For technology-enabled markets that is presenting a lot of opportunity for engagement. In a sample survey, our team found digging for QR codes statistics, 86% of respondents said that they have used a QR code at least once in their lifetime (source: Scanova.io).


QR codes are one out of our 25+ in-app text marketing features. Click here to meet them all!


Another interesting marketing indication, is that the pandemic created a market shift necessity for touch- free or contactless interactive solutions. QR codes have been the answer and are making a comeback. They actually date all the way back to 1994 and originated in Japan, by their founder Masahiro Hara. The more you know right?


Just like text messaging QR codes present a safe way to keep businesses and consumers engaged so they work perfectly together as a one-two punch. 


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