We all know that advertising can be a numbers game. Strategies to influence buyer decisions and interactions come with consistency and in today’s era the right use of online tools that help us stay in the forefront of our target audiences mobile devices. But how? What media should you use? What communication platforms or services will work best? Social psychology will tell us that consumers have the tendency to interact and form closer relationships with brands that can seem more relevant or popular. The answer of course is to use a multi-channel approach across any and all media you can manage with quality.


Yes touch points are important, but only if they count. It is extremely important that your mobile engagement strategy grab their attention quickly and leave a lasting impression. That is why SMS messaging is such a valuable medium because it gives you all those characteristics, temporarily allowing you to enter the realm of their attention before they detach and move onto their next digital initiative.


What is a mobile impression?


In an SMS messaging or text message marketing campaign a mobile impression is when your subscribers sees the campaign that you sent. Just like in every campaign scenario it is possible that your recipient may not even see your outreach due to the timing and their availability. That happens. Although with consumer mobile behavior and text messaging, that is very rare. SMS campaigns have a 98% read and open rate. With SMS messaging systems like SAM by Textmunication, our reporting gives you the ability to see your open rate. That is calculated by taking the amount of messages sent and dividing it by the amount of messages that were open. Eg. (open rate = opened messages/sent messages).


What is mobile reach?


You have probably heard the term reach as well in performance metric theory. In SMS messaging reach and impressions can be tricky. Although our team has been able to separately define the two. Mobile reach can be understood as the amount of unique or targeted subscribers that have seen your mobile program. This could be understood especially in a group messaging scenario. Eg. (mobile reach = targeted group/all sent messages).

What is a mobile engagement?


In an SMS messaging or text message marketing campaign a mobile engagement can be summarized by any click or interaction that your recipient carries out upon receiving your campaign. SMS messaging systems make it easier to monitor these interactions through reporting features that capture this insight. That cool thing about SAM by Textmunication is that you can receive comprehensive reporting on engagement from recipients for webform sign ups, keypad signups, mobile scratcher plays and any form of automated outreach as long as there is a system generated url included to track engagement. Engagement can get tricky if the medium is offline. SMS messaging makes it easier because it is online. Eg. (engagement rate = click rate/opened messages).


Brands have the responsibility to create positive brand messages about their products or services and mobile engagement is a great measure to see how effective the performance was on your outreach. That is why the context of your message, the value it offers and the vehicle you use are the secret sauce to creating a lasting impression.


Understanding these measures in your SMS campaign strategies can strengthen your digital marketing efforts. Let’s explore some reasons why:


  • Understanding your SMS messaging programs value to your users


In the beginning when you launch your SMS marketing program, performance metrics are key to learning what is working and what is not. It is important app collaboration to support even deeper findings. Such as Google Analytics for details if your intention is to drive website traffic to specific landing page experiences. Understanding this early can help you determine the success of your campaign roadmap.


  • Understanding which promotions and offers are desired


Another great thing about impression, reach engagement metrics is that they can be a guide and a campaign trail as to which offers, promotions, incentives and brand transmission that are creating results. That way, you can know what to send more consistently and where to create momentum.


  • More coordinated mobile experiences


Performance metrics also help you create more coordinated mobile experiences. They can be an ingredient to help you maximize your marketing efforts toward your subscribers real needs. Once you have established a foundation you could increase exposure to your overall digital position and increase the chance that other areas of your content are seen such as training documentation, webinars, seminars or other virtual events.


  • Create more accurate buyer persona summaries


Another great thing about establishing a more relevant SMS marketing program using performance metrics is that you can increase survey participation drastically. Especially if you can get some important insight on their demographics and interests. Why? Well this can help you tailor your outreach to draft messages that will be more impactful based on their age, gender, location, response behavior, or purchase history. 


The more relevance the message you send, the more reciprocation you will receive. When you segment your data based on different attributes so you can make the most of each message. However you plan to communicate with your subscribes, just make sure that you consider your approach holistically. Each campaign is different and so are your subscribers. Find tools that will help you define those differences so you create more meaningful interactions.


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