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Something big is happening in the world of communications. The most progressive and customer-centric brands are using an innovative channel to deliver more impactful, intuitive and engaging interactions to customers. It’s called Rich Communications Services (RCS), and it lets you deliver the feature-rich and rewarding experience of an app through the established, trusted and ubiquitous infrastructure of text messaging.

Textmunication has been working with OpenMarket, a leading mobile messaging provider, over the past several years on Short Message Service (SMS) solutions. OpenMarket has chosen Textmunication to participate in its RCS Early Access Program along with other pioneering brands. The launch of RCS, also known as ‘Chat’ – is the future of mobile messaging. Textmunication will partner with OpenMarket to launch RCS to the health and fitness industry in April.

Textmunication has offered an integrated SMS solution by partnering with leading Club Management Software (CMS) firms providing health clubs engagement, loyalty and retention tools. A recent survey conducted by OpenMarket revealed that 72% of consumers are currently using SMS to engage with businesses, while 82% of respondents would prefer interacting with RCS messaging over traditional SMS when given the option.

“RCS is text messaging for the smartphone age. It empowers brands like Textmunication to improve customer communications with richer, smarter, more app-like experience – all from the SMS box,” said Greg Hoy, OpenMarket’s Director of Product Management. “Our RCS work with Textmunication enables a gateway to deliver next-generation mobile messaging services to the health and fitness sector.”


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