Our team thought about trying a new approach to sharing company information because, to be honest, who reads emails. Just kidding! Email is still a valuable medium. Studies and surveys just prove that SMS has higher open and read rates. We also have members on our team subscribe to some pretty cool newsletters, we are deciding to add a more of a corporate blog to our feed as well because SEO never hurt anyone.

In brief, we will cover:

1. Software updates:

2. Website improvements:

3. RCS in testing…


Software Updates

Software Updates

We have some really exciting software updates made to the client-side portion of our Smart Automated Messaging platform SAM from our last sprint. We strive to deliver the best experience for our users because we are an organization that cares about the full digital experience we are offering our clients and stakeholders.

  • Update Default message limit to 25 messages for new accounts
  • Include full URL path for the API endpoints on the API documentation
  • Add British Summer Time (BST) / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to the time zone dropdown list in timezone selector
  • Added URL shortener links in Keyword, Web form, Myla and Scratcher campaign creator
  • Product feature name update for Special Occasion to Reoccuring Campaigns.
  • In the Auto SMS Setup Report, we fixed a business name text wrapping issue.
  • In the dashboard, we’ve boosted the design and consumable reporting experience so you can now see the API count for monthly and all-time message activity.
  • We have included tooltips and notes for the web form and scratcher campaign creator to give you a bit of a best practice boost.
  • Now in all client web forms, there are direct links to the terms and condition so users can quickly navigate to read the fine print.
  • Other site level performance improvements to improve your experience

We release updates regularly with the effort to improve performance or fix bugs. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience on our web application for our operators. If you have any feedback please feel free to reach out. Contact us.

SAM wants to give you all the tools to scale and manage your text message marketing campaigns so you can create a more meaningful experience between your business and mobile audience.

Website Updates

Website Updates

We have some really exciting website updates coming as well. We have plans to share some exciting updates on the following areas of our website to improve the experience for visitors and our clients. They are:

  • Case study page and entry updates

The power of shared success is contagious and not just for marketing teams looking to launch a text message marketing product with us, but even for our own clients. That is why we are excited to publish the updates that we plan to feature on this area of our site about text message marketing stories that inspire.

  • API landing page updates

If you have not heard already, but recently our software delivered one billion mobile texting campaign milestone since its inception in 2009. We owe a huge majority of that campaign scale to the increase in app connections our API has been involved in building out. We are redesigning the page for that reason alongside a list of other design and readability finetunes we have come up with. Stay tuned!

  • Industries page updates

We have some exciting web design improvements for our industries page as well. Which will include industry-specific information about text messaging marketing best practices, theory and examples. We think that there is a lot of insight into industries practices for mobile engagement we have been able to support so we really want to share.

RCS in testing

Text Talk RCS Snippet

9 days ago, our product manager came over to our marketing department and asked us to conduct one of the very first RCS campaigns ever. After it was done, we emailed our lead software developer with a screenshot of our mobile phone showcasing the trial campaign.

RCS is still pending, but being in this actual testing phase is just heart pumping. We have waited so long for this moment as a mobile solutions provider because of how we know it will change contemporary practice for mobile engagement. Delivering an app like experience within the text message body will open so many creative routes for how business can leverage the point of sale, upselling and cross-selling efforts.

We have also joined early access RCS program for OpenMarket who is a global mobile solutions provider because of their proven ability to support us as we pioneer into the evolving format of the SMS medium. Their organization has unmatchable insight when it comes to navigating the macro-infrastructure of mobile communication and engagement.

Thanks for reading. If you want to learn more, join our newsletter if you have not already.


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