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How would you know if your employees were inadvertently or maliciously putting your organization at risk? innerActiv’s unique employee monitoring and insider threat solution provides continuous, real time analysis that alerts HR and administrators when unusual or dangerous behaviors are taking place involving your users or your data. 

Integrated forensics pinpointand stop potential data loss incidents, workplace violence, insecure file access, inefficient use of resources, compliance issues, and more.

Tm X Inneractive

Uncover Insider Risks

Be aware of threats caused by accidental misuse, negligent or malicious users.

Improve Compliance

Quickly identify gaps in compliance through continuous auditing and reporting.

Enhance Data Auditing and Protection

Protect and audit access to intellectual property and sensitive information regardless of where the data or the endpoint resides.

Simplify Investigations with Sound Forensics

Understand what really happened, the scope of the event, and how many systems were involved instantly.

View User Activity

Discover employee behaviors that could cause monetary loss or liability to the organization.

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