Companies invest a lot of time in how their apps connect and communicate with us. From the perspective of the apps, notifications and alerts are their voice. This is one of the most important features because it is how the app will inform the user, which ultimately means how the company will.


You might be wondering if text notifications are more effective than push notifications if you’re trying to figure out if you should dedicate push notice resources around an application to communicate with your clients or just simply send out trigger based notifications.


Notifications are the only thing you can do with text. Explore our other solutions.


Let’s investigate why texting has some advantages and we will also discuss some of the advantages you get with push notifications.


Texting is easy to understand


Texting is all around us and is being adopted by businesses to share information about alerts for an event, receipt, update or announcement. Since it has a high adaptability this makes it easy for users to interact and complete specific tasks since the technology has been in production for so long. For example, if your call to action is to text a keyword to receive info, enroll, redeem or vote it can be easily consumer initiated without any extra steps. Also you can set up trigger based automated using our APIs for billing, confirmations, delivery confirmations, booking confirmations, upselling coupons and discounts opportunities, wishlist alerts, thank you messages, and inventory insights.

Texting wins here because in order for a push app to work, you need app downloads. Which leads us to our next point.


No download or additional app needed 


Since the text messaging foundation is already included in every device and modern operating system such as iOS or Android, it gives it the edge when it comes to preparation out of the box. Push notifications need an app to reach people, but it can become a challenge because of consumer mobile behavior sentiment towards downloading new apps (Source: TechCrunch). In this comparison, text marketing takes the W.


Have two-way conversations


Text notifications also give you the ability to have two-way conversations in response to any of the outbound that goes out whether it is an update, announcement, promotion or appointment. This can be an extremely important feature especially if there are any changes, either party can send a message directly to the user.


Push app notification clutter


Texting has more considerable etiquette when it comes to outreach, especially from companies. Companies generally will not text you anytime out of the 9 am – 5 pm interval. App push notifications on the other hand don’t have texting regulation to abide by. Because of this you can receive email, social media, banking, calendar alerts, all throughout the night and the list goes on. Just something else to consider when thinking about how you want the notification experience to be branded.


A text marketing program can save you all that time and supply the same communication quality when it comes to creating a memorable experience with your consumers. The solutions for starting a conversation with your clients immediately already exist so for teams trying to scale fast and immediately, until you have those other technical resources available, then it is a strategic option. Again, push notifications are a great solution if you have software foundation, text marketing can just get you off the ground quicker.


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