67% of users prefer texting a business for appointments and reminders over emails. Despite this, our report says only 39% of businesses use texting. Are you one of those losing out on the potential of text marketing with your social campaigns?

If you’re running a nonprofit organization or any other social good company, SMS marketing and communication are the best bet to promote yourself. So is for business interactions with your stakeholders. Usually, you would seek a fast response to your fundraising campaigns, event enrollment, and program sponsors. Know that when you’re using MMS and SMS, you’re in safe hands, as text messages are the fastest channel to nudge your users.

Let’s walk you through the benefits of SMS marketing for a nonprofit organization to win stakeholders in 2023.

Why MMS and SMS Marketing for Nonprofits and Fundraisers?

  1. Speed Favors You Texts are known to have an open rate of 98%. Their read and response rates are also higher than emails. So, your message reaches the right people faster than any other means available these days in the digital world.

    Your fundraising campaigns, invitations to attract volunteers, and awareness drives often need immediate attention. And the absence of online ads, unlike in social media and spamming messages, unlike in emails makes SMS marketing and communication a fast route to encourage your users to choose. Not to forget, this is a 2-way street, and you can engage with users on a live discussion.

    Also, if you’re using a short code to bump your events and requirements, even the mobile carriers prioritize your SMSes. So they don’t mark you as a spammer.

  2. Easy on Your PocketMost of the SMS services cost you pennies for bulk SMSing your users. You don’t need a proficient team in this technology to get started, as most service providers take care of all the technical nuts and bolts. So, no need to hire experts from the market.

    Nor do you need a huge investment. You can start with 0 dollars because Textmunication offers you a 30-day free trial without asking for credit card information. With a month’s duration, you can execute your text marketing strategy and even assess your results if you plan ahead of starting the engagement.

    With SaaS packaging, you only invest in what you need and save on your spending. That makes another great reason to deploy SMS and MMS marketing in your business.

  3. Simple to Set UpAs mentioned earlier, SMS marketing doesn’t need you to hire experts. Likewise, you don’t need humongous energy reserves for integration. The right SMSing tool gels well with your existing CRM solution. It uses the listed users in your customer database. Of course, you need permission to send marketing SMS to the users. The brownie point is that in nonprofits, the conditions are often relaxed, and a verbal nod is sufficient.

    The text API makes it easy for you to create drip campaigns. Welcome your new users, partners, and volunteers as soon as they onboard, and keep them updated throughout their customer journey.

    Additionally, text messages are crisp. And simple is better in the case of MMS and SMS marketing and communication. So, you save a lot of time you might spend on formatting, fonts, designs, etc., making text marketing a breeze.

  4. Cuts Through the NoiseSMS marketing is direct and interactive. Also, since you seek users’ consent to communicate via SMS, that makes it personal.

    SMS allows 2-way communication with users. When you send texts to your users, they can reply to your message and start a real-time chat. You just need someone from your team to monitor such messages. The good thing is a lot of replies can be automated in the tool to take care of. And what can’t be predesigned can be handled by a customer support executive. Thus, making it more personal than any other channel.

    Also, mobile texting is a personal experience where donors, volunteers, and benefactors don’t need to bear the burden of adverts and spam. Anything that goes via text is most often useful or worthy of reading.

    That’s exactly what fundraising campaigns and social good companies need. A fragment of quick attention from the stakeholders to promote their causes.

    Before you move ahead, don’t forget to learn the best practices for SMS marketing in 2023

  5. Everything MobileSince most people, from millennials to Gen-Z and even boomers, are using smartphones, your chances of getting ignored are minimal. But isn’t that the same for emails and social media, you ask? True. However, think of remote locations, traveling days, and situations when internet connectivity might drop to a negligible range.

    Even a feature phone carries your message to the intended receivers when emails and instant messengers get stuck in limbo.

    Imagine sending a thousand donation reminders to your patrons in an area where there is 0 connectivity due to heavy rains. With an SMS, you can reach out to them and nudge them about the causes they support and believe in. If you haven’t already, think of including mobile marketing with SMS and MMS this year in your promotional targets.

    Read our complete SMS marketing guide for 2023 if you’re planning to start or thinking of switching your marketing partner.


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Need Help with Text Marketing the Social Good Campaigns?

We understand that gathering funds for your NGOs, foundations, and social causes is tedious. But spreading the word the right way can help. However, not having expertise in your teams can drift your focus from important business tasks that you need to run through.

So, leave the marketing handiwork with a proficient SMS marketing partner like Textmunication. Reach out to us to start working on your marketing goals today.


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