It is easier to build your SMS messaging database even before you connect it with your other software components. Why? Well, SMS messaging systems are set up ready to go out the box for data collecting. Data mobilization is one of the main ingredients for your outreach because how else can a SMS messaging system be effective without mobile data?

When it comes to generating and centralizing those seven digit numbers associated with other important firmographics (combinations of demographics and geographics) it is crucial to have a messaging system that can do it in many different ways and one that is flexible enough later to move all this data accurately to other systems.


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You are probably thinking well, I already have a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that manages all my data so why do I need SMS marketing software? We have the answer and it can be understood if you explore the reasons why a CRM and SMS messaging system work well together even independently.


Going Mobile First Is Less Preparation

Building a mobile database is way easier! With a CRM you have to essentially have it integrated into your digital marketing infrastructure using an online web experience such as a website, where the point of entry for your data is usually in the form of a webform.

With an SMS messaging system, you can get started a lot faster by building your database on strategies on instant offers, giveaways, unique incentives tailored or your business, contests and more. Also you are given more freedom on the methods you can leverage whether it is out of home advertising (OOH) using creative signage, billboards, banners, counter cards, table tents, posters, bottom of receipts, direct mail or on storefronts. Although you are also given that same opportunity to do it online references in email newsletter, social media campaigns, QR codes and other digital formats.


Combined It With Your Data Management Process Later

Data collecting strategies are something you always want centralized, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait till you have a complete SMS messaging software integration to get it started. Gathering number data now is what is important because you can always sync the data using corresponding reference points later. In the data science world these are called primary identifiers. 

For example, let’s say you have spent a year or so with an active SMS messaging plan to collect mobile data because of how important it is for target ability and conversion rates. Robust SMS messaging software like SAM by Textmunication gives you the ability to not only collect mobile data, but more insights such as names, other contact info like email and social media accounts, location details, gender, date of birth, occupation, company title and any custom field you can think of. First get it in a system, then later you can mobilize that data into your CRM.


I Have Their Phone Numbers, But Now What?

Another thing we have seen challenge specific business owners is that they say, “Okay I follow your steps, got their phone number now what? Also my CRM cannot recognize existing records based on their phone number, I need an email address”

We understand that specific CRMs have rules and ways that make the data management experience integrity maintained. So we have a strategy you can use to leverage your phone numbers to generate even more data needed for an upload. For example SAM by Textmunication allows you to build a web form then generate a link to that webform. What you do is create your webform with the fields you want to collect then send a campaign to the group of subscribers you have organized in the system that you want to collect more information about. That’s it! Once they fill out the form, it’ll populate that information around their mobile number and you will have a more full summary of that subscriber.

Having the right plan will support your company’s growth, but knowing that you can deploy specific software solutions now to combine them later is a huge benefit. Start where you are at and then later if your data is clean, any software you plan to integrate with will be easy.

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