Promotional SMS programs are the last categorization of messaging types that you will discover when examining SMS campaign landscape. We have already talked about practical examples of transactional and operational SMS programs, the characteristics of each type and where you most likely would experience them as a consumer. Just like transactional and operational SMS programs, promotional is about customer engagement and relationship management. Although they have an emphasis on driving sales and moving a consumer through your buyer’s journey to make a purchase or to make more.


What is promotional SMS?


Promotional SMS programs are business to consumer messages that are used to bring awareness to; you might have guested, promotions, discounts, coupons and offers that your business is running on or offline.


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Promotions can be understood as the heartbeat of a business. They say sales feeds the company, but marketing sets the table. In order to attract awareness and gain recognition as business, you have to engage. Of course with the interconnectedness of the world wide web you can do this in two ways. Either using the inbound marketing methodology or the outbound marketing methodology. Promotional SMS works well in both ways, but inbound marketing can be a bit too passive if you are looking for immediate and instant results. At Textmunication, we give our users the tools to set up effective promotional SMS campaigns right out the gate.


What are examples of promotional SMS programs?


Promotional SMS programs can be designed in many creative ways. Depending on the funnel you are trying to drive your recipients through, but it’s good to understand the different types you may experience or send out.


Mobile coupons – are campaigns that act as redeemable coupons for a specific offering. All the recipient usually has to do is generally show the text at the point of sales or follow the prompt that they receive to use it within the time frame it is allowed.


Product advertising – are campaigns that educate your target audience on valuable information about your product. This is generally on outreach of what the feature is, how it works, what its benefits, how much it costs and of course with directory on how to get started.


Service advertising – are campaigns that educate your target audience on valuable information about your service. This consists of information on what your service is, what to expect from your service experience and how much it will cost.


Holiday promotions – are campaigns that go out to your target audience based around a holiday recess. This is a great incentive for all businesses because global holiday shopping is a tradition and consumers love to give gifts to their friends at those times.


Flash sale or incentive – are campaigns that are super time sensitive but can really get your target audience on the route to connecting with your brand or making a purchase. Flash styled promotions are a great way to make profit on residual inventory of products offerings that you may have for that time.


All of these promotional SMS programs help you stay connected and engaged with your mobile audience which is essential ingredients for brand recognition and awareness. It is not only consistency but how relevant and relative your message is. While you are reading this your mobile audience probably received a promotional SMS campaign from another one of their favorite companies. They are texting so you should too, but be creative, humane and original so the conversations you are having with your consumers can leave a lasting impression.


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