SMS APIs help developers create simple to complex communication services that give web applications the ability to send and receive text messages through code. Read on to learn more and how it can be done with us.

What Is An SMS API 1

Why SMS APIs Are Needed

Does your software need an SMS gateway to send text messages? Do you so happen to be a API developer? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are most likely looking for something called an SMS API. Well, you’re in the right place! So what exactly is an SMS API. The whole term is literally an acronym. Let’s start by breaking it down.

In review, we all know what SMS stands for. It’s short message service or more commonly known as text messaging. Now, what about API? API stands for application program interface. APIs provide a set of functions for developers who build web applications to program graphical user interface components (Source: Patent.Google). That definition is pretty technical, but in more simple terms, SMS APIs allow your application to send text messages through an SMS gateway. SAM our web application, is an SMS gateway since it enables users to send messages to mobile users from it.

Pretty simple when worded like that huh?

The design of SMS communications and the internet are kind of separated. That is why SMS APIs are meant to sort of, close that gap between telecommunication carriers such as at&t, sprint, verizon, and the web.

Integrating an SMS API

Let’s define one more term when speaking about APIs. It is called endpoints. So what exactly are they? Endpoints are URLs that allow you to authenticate, send or post requests to a server so that you can communicate with an API (Source: StackOverflow). Sounds a little complicated, but your programmers would know exactly what that means especially in a discussion regarding SMS APIs.

If you are a health club and you are using a club management software, you can speak to someone on our sales team and they can show you how our API can easily give you gym text message automation.

So now that you know what an SMS API is, how exactly does it work? This is where your development team comes into play. If you like to take a look at our API documents and give it a try, you certainly can! We have lots of endpoints for various communication objectives. You can sign up and explore our API docs here.

Textmunication’s API documentation provides an array of endpoints so that you can build robust communication models for your application.

For each phase in the API development process, our team will work closely with yours to ensure that it is successfully set up and going in the right direction. The time to start creating your very own communication model is now and it’s made easier than ever. As always happy texting.


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