The Most Effective Channel of Communication That Your Customers Love

If your customers love to receive timely updates about the dispatch and often book on SMS, then you need us. Welcome to the not-so-new yet rocking channel of communication among its ancient and widely popular peers. We’re talking about SMS marketing and communication.

Now, what makes interaction and marketing through texting so effective?

Why SMS Marketing is Effective

We don’t say so just because! The numbers show most SMSes get read within 5 minutes of receipt. Owing to the 98% read rate, 40% of businesses love to communicate with users via text. And real estate tops among all industries, as 73% of its comms are via SMSes.

Also, while 42% of B2C businesses like retail and restaurants, eCommerce, and subscription-based entertainment platforms use SMS for marketing, SMBs grab the biggest slice by 63% among mid-market and enterprise-level businesses.

Scheduling (of appointments and meetings with updates and cancelations) and helpdesk tasks use texting more than 50% of the time.

10DLC is widely popular among more than 65% of brands for communicating with users as it facilitates 2-way interactions as compared to short codes that are highly effective for bulk messaging. Know the kind of comms you want and take your pick.

Users send 25% more texts than emails in the digital world now. Immediacy and brevity are the key factors with attention span reducing to merely a few seconds, and why not? SMS penetrates even without the internet and grabs users by their delight.

Read our detailed report to understand the stats about and state of texting for both users and brands.

Let’s now see reasons beyond stats, too, why SMS marketing and communication are so effective:

  1. Text Marketing is Budget-Friendly

    Mobile marketing with SMS and MMS is inexpensive yet effective among all the marketing channels. Imagine promoting your events for enrolment or collecting money through a fundraiser campaign using influencer marketing. Even if you collaborate with a micro-influencer, you have a lot to spend.

    Forget about mass media adverts through TV or radio when you’re looking for budget marketing because commercials and sponsorships mark a deep dent in your bank accounts. But SMS comes in so handy with only 1-2 cents per SMS.

    With the best SMS marketing software like Textmunication’s SAM, you get a free trial of 30 days without any credit card information. If you plan your marketing strategy in advance, you can start seeing the results within the trial period and can opt for the next level—a steady partnership.

  2. SMS Marketing is Mobile Friendly

    With everything shifting to mobile, SMS is an easy and quick channel to reach out to your users. Not just mobile friendly, SMS is also network friendly. Poor network while traveling or in the countryside, call drops are common, but SMS still works. Even without the internet, it works just great.

    Move aside instant messaging apps, and make space for text marketing tools. So, whether your users are using a smartphone or a feature phone, you’re never away from them.

    With Rich Communications Services or RCS, you can send and receive images of high quality, video and audio messages, and GIFs—what makes memes so popular. This paves a route to increase your customers’ experience and engagement with quick turnaround in their queries, updates on transactions, events, appointments, etc.

    Pro tip: Read our SMS marketing guide to drive profits for 2023.

  3. SMS Marketing Elevates Overall Promotional Strategy

    SMS and MMS marketing and communication in themselves are holistic and need no extra leverage from other marketing channels. All you need is a solid customer database.

    But when combined with other strategies, it never demands extra attention or huge investment like social media marketing or emails. In fact, it increases the benefits. It also proves to be a great team player when you have a gamut of strategies in place. Just like the goalkeeper who works on the cue of an incoming ball and stays alert but silent in the background, waiting for the opposing team to attack.

    For instance, despite sending an email for an abandoned cart, you can send an SMS alert. Such an SMS works better than email because emails might have more options of “similar purchases” or getting spammed, but SMS, due to its limited length, focuses on the goal of reminding cart products waiting to be purchased.

    Send a registration alert of an upcoming event to your users besides some social media marketing. Since social media posts follow algorithms to gain attention, they might get missed. But with a near-absolute open rate, chances of your events gaining eyeballs are high if you embed a link to the same social media post to learn the details of the event.

    And this is just scratching the surface. Advanced technologies like Geofencing allow you to target specific demographics based on locations and users’ recent moments in their purchasing journeys.

    While we have discussed why SMS and MMS marketing and communication are the most fruitful among all channels, learn why SMS marketing will never fade.

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Launch your SMS-based Campaigns Today

If you think text marketing strategy for user communication is only for beginners in marketing or cash-stripped start-ups, then think again. And think hard to include this arrow in your marketing arsenal that hits the bull’s-eye almost always. If you want to venture into SMS marketing, seek our textperts’ assistance here.


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