As the final chapter of 2023 unfolds, our team buzzes with excitement, eager to rewind and savor the incredible adventure we’ve shared.

14 years ago started with an ambition and passion to change the way businesses communicate with their customers.

Our ‘why’ was and has always been to connect communities of customers to the brands they love using text messaging. The technology and digital gesture that is popularized by day-to-day mobile behavior.

This year we learned a lot more about our product and the roadmap that is needed ahead to continue to deliver on our promise.

As the future of Textmunication unfolds, we have learned the importance of text marketing in the rest of the digital marketing landscape.

Communication is one of our most original forms of expression and we want to honor that by continuing to build a product that is inspired by that experience.

Beyond our numbers, lies a story of innovation and progress. Which is a testament to our dedication and optimism.

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In 2024 we plan to deliver on our promise for a solution that is more compelling and offers a rich user-experience for all of our text message marketers around the world.

Our team is excited to continue on our heritage and as a thought-leader in our industry. If you would like to join our exclusive text letter, you can opt-in below to receive future company milestones, feature updates, product releases and partnerships announcements.

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