Aisha joins the marketing team of a three-year-old startup—a marketplace for home-grown and local retail outlets. As a young and growing company, its SMS marketing isn’t planned properly and is all over the place. Even after having an established user database in the CRM, the company hasn’t repurposed it for sending SMS and MMS. Most opt-ins happen only via social media posts. And the company has, at times, missed compliance with opt-in guidelines.

So, Aisha takes charge of streamlining this lesser-tapped marketing channel and contacts the Textmunication team. Here is how she benefits the company within a quarter and starts bringing in new subscribers and revenue with text marketing.

Textmunication Features for Subscriptions and Opt-Ins

  1. Webform Opt-In

    The first and foremost step in building an SMS user database just like any marketing program is to seek permission from your audience explicitly. Instead of blindly adding users from your email list and CRM to your mobile subscribers for SMS, you can now add a simple webform using Textmunication’s SAM.

    This way, whoever visits your website will see a form with 2-3 text fields to complete to start their subscription. Once a user fills out the form, they know what they agree to and will receive your next campaign in their SMS.

    Why does this work?

    • Grow your mobile audience from anywhere on the web,
    • Automatic data submission with user permission,
    • Simple form with 2 to 3 text boxes of information,
    • Explicit permission from users to opt in,
    • Adherence to cellular guidelines compliance.
  2. Manage Your Subscribers

    As 2 months pass, Aisha grows the SMS subscribers from a handful of names to nearly six hundred contacts. And with that, the demographic fields get richer with data, leaving a huge room for nuanced segmentation.

    Aisha banks on the database, and using SAM’s feature to manage subscribers, she creates new groups and moves data from one to another or tags more contacts to a new group. This way, she sends users more personalized promotions and timely updates.

    This has helped her establish better engagement with the users.

    Why does this work?

    • Effortless growth of database,
    • Personalized user interaction,
    • So, better engagement with the audience,
    • Precise and numerous segmentations,
    • Easy contact management system.

    Skyrocket your user engagement with the amazing features of Textmunication that can gamify your text marketing.

  3. Subscriber Reporting

    Aisha can see who has opted in and out of the company’s SMSing system with SAM. This gives her the leverage to measure her mobile marketing program well.

    Such transparency also allows her to reach out via some other channel to the users who’ve opted out at the month’s end and seek their subscription back by informing them what they’ve missed.

    Why does this work?

    • A report with data on who opted in and out for the executives,
    • Fact-based growth measurement and campaign improvement,
    • Historical data for annual financial plans and new strategies.

    Textmunication lets you integrate your messaging through PoS and WhatsApp, too.

  4. Automated Auto-Disclaimer

    Are you worried about falling into the trap of compliance issues? Worry not. With Textmunication’s SAM, you can follow all the compliance policies without issues. If a number in your subscriber list doesn’t receive a disclaimer stating your terms and conditions about promotions, data privacy, and content circulation, you will get a notification about the same.

    Why does this work?

    • Keeps your subscribers abreast about the changes in telecom guidelines,
    • SAM ensures every subscription receives an automated disclaimer,
    • You can stay informed about who received important disclaimers and who didn’t.

Affordable Pricing

Ready to Launch Your SMS-Based Campaigns Today?

When you make a deal with Textmunication for SMS marketing solutions, like Aisha, we make sure you use automation features to the fullest. And abide by the government’s telecom compliance framework and the dos and don’ts of the industry.

To get going, all you need is to sign up for a detailed demo with our textperts. Make your decision after the demo. And if you’re still on the fence, you can opt for a month’s trial and cancel your free plan anytime without explaining to us.


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