Textmunication brings you another monthly newsletter where we present the latest pulsation on advancements we are bringing to cloud communication and the intersection with SMS messaging. We have some exciting release notes on our web applications and also some updates we would like to share on some inspiring customer success stories. Inspiration is contagious and we love sharing customer stories because we know that if a method works for them, you and your team could put your spin on it to make it work for you too.

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In brief we will cover:

Software enhancements

1. Offer Based Keywords

2. Custom Reporting Updates

3. Disclaimer Preferences Updates

4. Customized Webforms

5. Class Appointment Reminders

6. Custom Auto SMS

Case studies

Software Updates Text Talk April 2020

1. Offer Based Keywords

We have deployed a change that makes keyword based promotional offers even easier. While creating keywords our users can now select the number of days that a keyword offer will be valid. Try creating your own and checking it out.

2. Custom Reporting Updates

We have deployed some advancements made to custom reporting that allows our users to get a greater details report of your campaign activity. Go and check them out!

3. Disclaimer Preference Updates

We have given our users the ability to customize the disclaimer message function that goes out to new subscribers.

4. Customized Webforms

We have deployed customized webforms to give our users the ability to create custom fields and add them to their webforms to collect that data.

5. Class Appointment Reminders

We have added class appointment reminders to our Auto SMS suite. Now our users can send a personalized class reminder to their members to ensure they stay in the know. This feature has been long-awaited so give it a go and let us know!

6. Custom Auto SMS

We have added a custom auto SMS creator for our users. Now they can create custom Auto SMS alerts based on the criteria that is set up in our queries generator. Create a custom Auto SMS alerts that goes to a specific gender, membership type, specific age range, last check-in time, city, state and more! This feature should advance your segmentation

Case Study Text Talk Oct 2020

Over the past few months we have conducted and gathered inspiring case studies from some of our clients who are finding results beyond their imagination. In these stories clients are adopting engagement practices that are changing their operational, relationship and revenue outcomes.

“I like the fact that people can send a message to us and we can reply to those people individually. It is all about meeting people where they are comfortable communicating. Textmunication really got us their and super fast” – Tim Clark, Corporate Sale sand Marketing Director

“It is pretty typical for fundraising to know that you need to thank your donors 7 – 10 times for a gift but in different ways. The texting piece works in some regard on that level. I also think it offers up opportunities if used correctly for nonprofit organizations to just stay in contact with people without having to ask for money.” – Tamara Reed-Taan, Associate Vice President of Development

“My favorite feature would have the be the newly introduced mobile scratch cards. When someone texts in with one of our pre-sale keywords their auto-response includes a link to a digital scratch card which they can ‘scratch’ to see if they’ve won a free year of membership!” – Sharilynn Brown, Marketing Manager

“We like the automation feature and we really like the dashboard as well. We like how we are able to immediately see what has been going out and the data of the text program that is being tracked.” – Valerie Craig, Marketing Manager

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