Textmunication presents Text Talk June, our monthly newsletter where we compile the latest news on our software advancements, hand selected industry insights and thought provoking concepts to keep your text marketing practices in tip top shape. We are already half way through the year believe it or not. Time surely does fly when you’re having fun building the best text marketing app in the market! Let’s dive right in.


In brief we will cover:


  • Software updates and bug fixes


Software Updates Text Talk April 2020

Emojis are now available in your campaigns


By popular demand and text message culture, we added emoji icons to group campaigns! Now you can pick from the list of emojis in the drawer near the message field and add some flare to your outreach! 


*Please note that emojis are hex encoded by two byte characters which essentially means that when you use emojis in your campaigns you will have less character to use. If you have more questions about hex encoded text please contact support@textmunication.com.


Subscriber group deletion improved


We made it easier to delete specific subscribers. For any subscribers that are in a corresponding group, if you delete that group it will also remove all those subscribers from your account. This will make it a lot easier for you to manage your data in case you have any subscriber management desires.


*Also, now you will get a warning alert if you have any groups that are linked to specific keywords or web form that have usable data (validated subscribers) inside.


Scratcher reporting updated


We made some improvements to the reporting on the mobile scratcher campaign feature. Now multi-part message stats are reported more comprehensively then they were before and we also added a create time stamp. 


Campaign report updated 


We made some improvements to the campaign reporting. Now there should be a column added that shows the campaign type. This will enable the clients to compare the performance of all campaign types inside SAM which include: standard, referral, scratcher, disclaimer, offer and spin the wheel.


*Also, MMS campaign stats can now be reported next to any SMS campaigns.


Automated alert updates


We made an update to new member alert #1. Now you can control whether you want the alert to be immediate or as soon as they are added into SAM. There is a check box in the user interface that gives you control of this option. If the box is unchecked then you will be given the option to adjust the exact send time of the automated alert.


Drip messages added to We Miss You Alerts


We added a drip messaging option to the we miss you alerts. Now you can create a sequence of messages of alerts to follow the immediate or first alert. This is important for lead nurturing strategies so you can set it and forget it. Just like automation should be.


Date range added for Custom Auto SMS


We added a start date and end date for the custom auto SMS alerts that you set up within your account. If the field is not populated then the custom auto SMS alert will run indefinitely or forever until they are cancelled so be clear with your strategy in this area because SAM loves to send send send!


Webform disclaimer text issue fixed


There was a webform disclaimer bug that was not pre-filling or including the text in the campaign so we fixed that. All in a day’s work!


Keyword QR code download error


There was a QR code downloading errors that we resolved and we also improved the performance around this feature so it is seamless and bulletproof. Remember to use your keyword QR codes, especially with the increase in sentiment around contactless options for consumers.


Onepart and multipart message descriptions updated


We improved the radio button descriptions around the one part and multipart message options. The message credits used for text and non-ascii text are vary. Non-ascii include emoji’s and non-english characters.


Thanks again for reviewing our software release notes, our team works hard and cross departmentally from sales, support, research and development to create the best product we can for our users and software partners. Stay tuned for our release notes next month!


 If you have any questions about any of these features, please feel free to contact us.


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