Learn ways you can use text message marketing to compound the effect off your direct engagement strategy through COVID-19 pandemic.

Text Messaging Through Coronavirus

As you may be aware the global economy is in a contracting business cycle due to COVID-19, which is why public safety officials are choosing to use text messaging as a channel for public emergency updates. You can read more about that here. Text messaging is also providing value in the private sector to help businesses recharge their connection with their customers. Especially during this time since consumers have shifted their focus to adjustments to help with their daily lives. The epidemiological threat that has led to a federal ordinance to close businesses across the globe and shelter in place in an effort to stop the potential of the virus spreading.

In these daunting moments, there is actually a silver lining for businesses because there is a surge in online sales. This is why companies like Amazon have human resource generation efforts to support 100,000 additional employees. Consumers are at home, but they are still shopping online. We also know this because we have seen the creativity of our very own clients come to life like never before while using the system.

Using Text Message Marketing During COVID-19

It is interesting to see the digital adjustments businesses are making to keep their customer engagement experiences ongoing. Especially how they are compounding the use of their marketing channels to get the greatest impact. Since we all have to practice conscious and preventable acts to spread the virus, like social distancing. It has led consumers to find ways to connect with brands and plan purchases.

Filling Up Online Shopping Carts

We have seen a rise in our own client base, using our SMS marketing solutions to achieve direct online sales. Examples of this would be one of the fundamental uses of text message (SMS) campaigns such as sending promotions on select products on their websites. Generally, these include shortened deep links (direct links) with discount codes to their mobile subscribers. This technique is simple and helps the consumer redeem the promotion easily.

Bringing Awareness to Virtual Experiences

Another engaging campaign we have seen our clients send is SMS campaigns to bring awareness to virtual experiences such as educational webinars and workshops. Using the medium to connect them directly to live features on social media apps to create real-time interactions between individuals or group conversations. All while using text messaging which has a 98% read rate on average to make sure they are getting the word out. They are conducting this promotional activity through text messaging marketing because they know how useful it can be compared to the digital noise in environments where their competitors are also making an effort to communicate.

Making Company Updates Count

We have also seen clients send SMS campaigns regarding updates on how their business is joining the global initiative to fight COVID-19. Such as sanitation procedures and also social good movements that support meal plans and more for those in need.

Reshaping Your Company and Consumer Relationship

In spite of the reality of where we are now with reaching a national and even global end to the outbreak. A preparation strategy that gives you direct communication can help you get the return you are looking for. This is a great time to reshape the company-to-consumer relationship you have, test tools, and gather survey insight into the perception of your brand. Then you can use the responses and that behavioral data to create more targeted campaigns. For example, if you know trends in recurring orders for a client you can create more targeted outreach. If you would like to try text message marketing for your business during the pandemic sign up and we can get you set up with an account today.


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