Labor Day weekend is on the horizon and what more could you want to talk about other than best practices for your text message marketing strategies? No, we know what you’re really looking forward to this weekend as the rest of American. I am sure it consists of the pleasure of being around loved ones, barbeque pits, comfy relaxing chairs, and nice refreshments. Labor Day also serves as a milestone for the end of the summer season so all of us are eager to make amazing memories and get into some fun times.

Labor Day Weekend Reminder

As a business with a text message marketing toolkit in your tech stack, your more than prepared to join the conversation with your mobile audience. Labor Day shoppers are looking to be influenced with well-timed and relevant offers right to their mobile phones. As you may know, but we love to remind, text messaging has a 98% read rate within 3 minutes. So be sure to make your message count this weekend. Okay so let’s review some best practices when sending text message marketing campaigns on Labor Day weekend.

Send campaigns early

Consumers love being the first to know and what they love even more is when they are prepared for an offer ahead of time so they’re so they can find the least path of resistance in their journey to encounter your brand or offer.

Leverage the season

During Labor Day weekend, consumers are in stores for one obvious reason. Can you guess? Well, the answer is end-of-summer and back-to-school sales! This is a perfect opportunity to leverage the time of the season to connect with your mobile audience.

The local aspect

Labor Day weekend is the best time to leverage the value of localization. Since everyone is given one more day off, they most likely have not planned a huge excursion, but are definitely looking for local ways to have fun. This is the perfect tactic to use to create interest and motive for your communication objective.

Build consumer relation

Once a consumer comes in contact with your brand whether it be on your call to action to opt-in, a social channel, email, blog, display ad that is where your relationship starts with them. Of course, you remember the consumer journey. Do you remember what the first step in the process was? Well to remind you, attract is the first stage of the consumer journey, then engage, convert and lastly sustain. The first step is important because it sets the initial impression and why not show your consumers that your business values instantaneous two-way communication. These type of preparation set a tone for your product and services.

Open and response rates

Text messaging is the most frequently used feature on each smartphone. That is why you can see the open and response rates compared to other mediums incomparable. For example, compared to email which has an open rate of 20%. Text messages have an open rate of 90%. Survey research also reveals that compared to email which has a response rate of 6%. Text messages have a response rate at 45%. The proof is in the pudding and mobile consumers have already adopted to the liking of text message exchanges between them and their favorite businesses.

Again it is important to sell, but it is more important to connect. So send texts the correct way this Labor Day! Be safe everyone.

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