If you have a landline or toll free number for your business phone number, did you know that you can text-enable it so that it is ported to a text marketing system to send and receive messages? This was a feature that we recently rolled out for companies that wanted to become more message savvy. Consumer behavioral shifts are inevitable so being flexible should be as well.


It is easier to text because you can stay instant, direct, on time and non-disruptive, but in a good way. Sometimes calls and emails just don’t help you connect. Why? Well calls are evolving to be for more urgent or planned matters so chances are if you call someone now they may be too busy in their workflow. Email is a great medium, but read and open rates aren’t as instant. Here are the reasons your business should offer text enabled phone numbers.


Give customers more options


A study on a sample of US customers shows that 63% prefer to text with businesses (Source: PR Newswire). Who doesn’t love more options? It also creates sentiment to your business approach because it shows that your business accepts different ways to communicate besides phone and email. Also no one wants to be on hold for hours.


Regulate the pace of interactions


Text messaging can also become really beneficial for communication management, especially at scale. Imagine thousands of consumers trying to call you all at once. With text-enables phone numbers you can disseminate the responses between fewer resources. Also in management theory one person can effectively manage around 10-20 people. With a text marketing system, they can probably manage more.


Already Branded, so already recognizable


Branding your company takes a lot of time and if you have any promotional material graphically displayed on print or online. It could take some time to update it all. Plus your consumers have probably already dialed that number, have it documented or saved so it eliminates confusion and maintains connectivity. 


How the text-enable process works and looks like


The process to text-enable your number is now easier than ever because of advancements made in the relationship between text marketing providers (Textmunication), mobile carriers and aggregators. In layman terms, landlines, toll-free and most VoIP numbers can be text-enabled. Mobile numbers don’t need this because they already have voice and text features. First we would send you a form to our client to value out some information. Then we forward that information to our aggregator and they share the number with network providers. Once that is complete we receive a response from the aggregator that the info has been passed along successfully and then we attach the number to your account. So port, test, approve then provision. That’s it. This is the process of how your number is ported into Smart Automated Messaging (SAM) by Textmunication.


Ready to text-enable your number? We can get you set up right away.


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