Quite simply, it’s the best decision I have made for my business.
Lou Rigney - Owner
With the growth in interest, we needed a more dynamic and robust system. Using Textmunication, we can deploy urgent campaigns and set the pace in our fast-moving fare sale marketplace.
Steve Zhou - E-commerce Marketing Manager of Tutti Frutti
We have enjoyed working with Textmunication . They have been quick to respond to our needs, and they have provided us with excellent customer service.
Tony Kou, - Sr. VP Marketing & Co-owner
Textmunication has performed beyond our expectations, acting like a true partner in our mobile marketing efforts.
Tom Thomas, - Owner of Tommy T’s Comedy Club
We feel that Textmunication is a service we can depend on. From deliverability to technical services, LJS has been very happy with our relationship with Textmunication, and has increase our ROI.
Tabbassum Mumtaz, - President of Apex, Board of Director Yum Corporation
Textmunication has been providing vital tools for our marketing programs for the past four years. Their product is cutting-edge due to its multi-channel capabilities, and they have a dependable staff that is there to help at anytime.
Cayce Howe, - Interactive Marketing Manager of Fresh Choice
Mobile marketing is growing steadily and is set to hit $1.5 billion in annual revenue in the next 5 years.
Business Week (December 2010)
Mobile marketing to have more target ability than TV, Radio, and online marketing.
Alex Barza - Google Executive
Mobile marketing will surpass online marketing in a matter of years.
Eric Schmidt - Google CEO
[Mobile marketing is] the most powerful advertising medium on the planet.
New York Times
Mobile marketing and mobile websites are becoming more and more prevalent with every passing day. As the number of mobile users grows so does the demand on mobile website development and mobile marketing through SMS.
Aleksandr Oreshkin - Bay Area Webs
As an owner of multiple locations, maintaining individual brand identity is critical when sending our digital marketing messages. Textmunication allows us to keep our titles distinct and, more importantly, gives us a centralized solution to manage our campaigns.
Hamid Noor - Franchisee 5 locations
Our service with Textmunication has been very good, prompt & problem solving has been EXCELLENT. Great ideas in making our marketing work for our salon.
We have had some great responses with some of our text marketing promotions.
Clients LOVE that they get appointment reminders through text.
Manny – Salon General Manager
Our salon has been using Textmunication’s SMS texting program to promote daily & weekly service specials during the slower periods when we can use an extra BLAST of calls coming to the front desk.

We have received excellent service to make set up quick & easy. Help with using the system has always been one phone call away.
Drew Bostinto - Salon Owner
We chose Textmunication because of their reputation for being experts in the mobile marketing space. They have performed beyond our expectations, acting like a true partner in our mobile marketing efforts. Their support team is always available when needed, both in terms of responsiveness and with a deep knowledge base. We’ll be with Textmunication for a long time.
Min Lee Chang, - Franchisee and Marketing VP
Textmunications has been able to assist us with not only increasing leads and sales but with member retention. With competition in the health club industry increasing, we are always looking for new ways to market our services. It is highly visible that customer service is priority for at Textmunications. Their knowledge and expertise in what they do has helped with increasing our sales in just 4 months. Their user friendly account platform is simple, effective and given us proven results! If you haven’t jumped on board with Textmunications yet, what are you waiting for?
Trish DaSilva - Marketing Director of The Big C Athletic Club
Textmunication has been providing vital tools for our marketing programs. Their product is cutting edge due to its ease of use & custom capabilities. They have dependable & professional consultants that is there to help at any time. We feel that Textmunication is a service we can depend on. From deliver ability to technical services Millas Hair Salon has been very happy with our relationship. I am very glad Pro-Solutions have partnered with Textmunication. On 2/1/12 we sent out a campaign & within minutes our phones were ringing & we were able to schedule 14 appointments with the 1st 24 hours. Textmunication allows us to keep our clients relationships distinct & more importantly gives us a centralized solution to manage our campaigns & appointment reminders.
Milla Yagudayeva – Salon Owner
I found Textmunication to be the perfect solution to our needs. We now have the ability to communicate with selected groups of our member base within minutes. I am still amazed in the immediate responses we get every time a text blast is launched. Literally within minutes afterward the campaign is launched the phones are ringing.

Working with Wais, Nick and the team at Textmunication has been nothing but enjoyable. I have found the team extremely responsive to our needs and they have consistently demonstrated that they can provide a top quality communication service to our company.

The Textmunication team has been instrumental in educating us as to their best options in order to achieve the level of success we desired in the mobile industry. Textmunication is not just a vendor, they are our partner as we continue to design and develop our ongoing efforts to maintain a world class standard when in communication with our member base.

Textmunication has given us a service that has been both cost effective and reliable. I would recommend them to anyone with similar business needs.
Al Corce - New Evolution Ventures
The new decade had arrived. It was 2010 and I had made the decision to add additional value to the services I offered to my clients, and one of the items I wanted to add was SMS messaging. I already was proving web design, Email Management, and Guest List management services, and I needed to expand.
I looked and talked to a number of companies, weighing my options, and then one of my good clients and friend said that a boyhood friend had started working for a company to sell exactly that, plus the company was local.

So, he setup a meeting with this salesperson at the company office. The salesperson quickly realized that some questions I was asking were more technical than he could answer, so he found someone else to step into the meeting.

The person he brought in was the President of the company, Wais, and then Wais brought in the lead programmer. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and the breadth of the knowledge of what I was asking, even when I had some very hard questions. There were some features that I was interested in that they did not have at that moment, but not everyone I was researching did, so I was not surprised.
What I was surprised about is that a few days after the meeting, the Textmunication sales and development departments had a sales meeting and decided that was features that were very marketable, and work started on those features extremely quickly.

The salesperson that had introduced me to Wais left Textmunication. My admiration for the company and the support I received, remember this was pre-sales, timpressed me so much that I then became a client.

In the following four years I have had companies call me, send me quotes, try to offer me the world, say they have much better pricing, generally try to sway me to change my business to another company. If someone had a feature that Textmunication did not have, that I thought would really be of benefit, all I had to do was present it to Wais, and they considered it, and I believe every time they agreed with me that it was a useful feature. Now to be fair, when salespeople said they could do 50,000 SMS messages for $5, or something really crazy like that, Wais and I had a good laugh, and he would ask me to purchase a package of 50,000,000 messages at that price, as a joke.

Some salespeople will say anything to get your business. That is not the case with Textmunication. I have been happy to work with this company and am glad they have gone public – since they have more money now maybe I can get those fifty million SMS messages for $5. No, not really.

I have no plans to change providers and I look forward to the new innovations that are coming in the future with them.
Lloyd F. Tennison - Viplist Promotional Services
I am pleased to partner with TEXTMUNICATION at this time. Everyone gets bombarded with hundreds of emails every single day, so email marketing is starting to lose its effectiveness. However, just about everyone will read their text messages! With TEXTMUNICATION’s easy to use platform and seamless integration with existing health club management software, this is a home run for club operators and fitness professionals around the world. I am excited to be at the forefront of this communication strategy and to be able to bring these systems to the fitness industry.
Jarrod Saracco - President and Owner of Health Club Doctor