The future of marketing lies in direct communication with your users. SMS and MMS marketing enables a focused conversation. It also offers low-cost campaigning solutions without compromising the quality and impact.

In fact, text marketing penetrates deeply into your audience network because it doesn’t depend on the internet and has a shorter travel time. With the marketing industry’s future in mind, let us introduce you to some amazing benefits of SAM, Textmunication’s direct messaging solution for lightning-fast comms.

How Textmunication Is Redefining The Future of Marketing

Make Text Marketing Powerful

Marketing is not about shelling out ads and promotional videos frequently. Powerful marketing leaves your brand’s image in users’ consciousness for long. And when partnering with Textmunication for SMS marketing, you can do that in a jiffy. So says our customers, too.


Without the internet’s need, you can float your product’s information and its benefits among users in as quick as 10 minutes. To start with, build a subscriber database with Textmunication.

Use SMS for order updates, delivery status, transaction details, or real-time information like the arrival of a food order right at the doorstep. Or even OTP for crucial (or trivial) financial transactions. Textmunication’s SMS marketing platform helps you book appointments, amend them, or send reminders.

Give Your Comms Intimate and Direct Reach

Unlike any social media channel, emails, or website ads, users don’t need to log in to any account to see your comms. Just send them the advert or message, which lands directly in their hands. That’s why text marketing is personal, immediate, and direct.

As the stats say, SMS locks an open rate of 98%. 60% of users read a text within 5 minutes of the receipt. Imagine how fast you can make an impact with your SMS campaigns. Or draw users to your website with that industry news they crave for?

Card abandonment? No worries; remind them with an SMS and convey your message immediately. Low sales? Spike it up the same day with the power of texting.

Automation comes easy with SAM. Our client, FIDF, managed to automate replies, links for donations to the audience, and much more during a live fundraising event. The task was challenging and involved a huge audience. But Textmunication fulfilled the promise.


Take The Expensive Out of Marketing

On a shoe-string budget and yet dare to promote your product to a huge audience? Worry not because you came to the right channel. Most SMS marketing tools offer services with low investment.

When you choose Textmunication, you can start your promotions at as low as $125 per month with the bulk of 4K messages. You get 2 keywords to attract users when you start—a good proposition if you’re foraying in this channel for the first time.

With no setup cost, you can initiate a free trial without a credit card information obligation. And zero cancellation fee makes it an even more appealing offer.

Text marketing is nothing if not affordable. That’s why it has the brightest future in the marketing universe.

Push Engagement to Horizons

Most users avoid complications of the helpdesk, hassles of an app’s complicated features, and repetitions of tasks. SMS brings relief to all these, offering a high engagement rate. No wonder 86% of businesses attest to text’s higher engagement than emails.

Automate trivial queries and information updates with SAM and free your users from long waits at IVR or mundane chats with the bots.

Even personalization is a piece of cake with SMS and MMS marketing in a world where attention is as flimsy as 8 seconds. A text doesn’t need fancy pictures, color-coordinated designs, or extremely formatted texts to appeal to the eyes. After all, how much can 160 characters demand of you?

You can convey your message, project the product’s benefits, or ask for a donation with simplicity. Without the need to scroll or digest 500-word content, SMS delivers the gist of your campaign quickly. That’s why SMS marketing is known to have high engagement rates.

We at Textmunication know how to hook new customers and convert them to repeat business. That’s why we created Scratchers, Spin Wheel, and QR-code scanning. These gamification features increase your user engagement to the next level.

Affordable Pricing2

Secure Your Marketing Future With Textmunication

The future of marketing is bright with SMS and MMS. It’s one arrow in your arsenal that can score a bull’s-eye for you. We don’t mean you should depend solely on this less-explored channel. Marketing needs diversification. So, don’t just expand your campaigns and efforts, but also adapt methods that aren’t as popular.

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