Learn why SMS messaging solutions can fine-tune marketing, retention and loyalty strategies and help you discover new insights about your data.

SMS Messaging For Mrl Asset

SMS is actually an acronym that stands for short message service and is colloquially known as text messaging. The idea of SMS messaging is simple, which is why translating its value into a commercial perspective is so straightforward. Surprisingly, it is truly a simple experience for both the sender and the receiver for the amount of technology that is working in the background. That is where Textmunication comes in, to simplify the complex and make the experience for your businesses user-friendly. Let’s explore some of the concepts Textmunication has helped contribute and developed regarding SMS messaging over the years.

SMS messaging for marketing

Marketing plans consist of a lot of elements. With that said, there is a very particular portion of marketing strategies where SMS messaging comes to life. That is when marketing teams decide on the vehicle they will use to deliver information about their product or services. Variations of SMS messaging solutions have been developed through this concept. Solely based on the idea that SMS messaging can be leveraged as a tool to exchange information that has value to customers.

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Whether you are sending a series of automated SMS campaigns to strategically build a relationship with a target audience. Or you have developed a component-based SMS messaging solution that sends outreach based on a trigger such as a specific consumer action. The primary function of the SMS messaging necessity is never lost.

SMS messaging for retention

Retention marketing is a strategy that focuses on your existing customer base and how you can get those existing customers to repeat business. SMS messaging solutions support retention marketing concepts because you can automate direct responses to build on customer expectations and perception of your brand. You can also use SMS messaging concepts to support retention strategies by using automation to re-engaging your customers. All this can be done at a scale which is what makes SMS messaging a form of mass outreach that gives one precise target ability too.

SMS messaging for loyalty

Loyalty marketing is a very parallel concept to retention marketing. Both involve developing the relationship with your current customer base, but one is more of a practice and one is more of a measure. Loyalty marketing focuses on improving the behavioral disposition that would suggest how consistently your customers will respond favorably to your brand. For example, the right SMS messaging solution can help you draw out this information about promotions and offers.

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You can create a loyalty program that rewards customers on a point or value base system for each purchase. Then as the customers spend more they can unlock rewards and get closer to unlocking new ones. This type of experience keeps customers engaged and looking forward to their next interactions with your businesses. This whole process can be reviewed and you can start to see which rewards are being redeemed and influencing trial.

SMS messaging concepts are all around us and new ones are being discovered every day. Textmunication is here to back you with the expertise and understanding of the most traditional form of communication known today. Whether you are sending a campaign or designing a more complex communication experience. Textmunication can support your business and help you launch with a proven and dependable solution. Product demonstrations and trials are available. You can learn more here.


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