Textmunication’s Shared Shortcodes

Textmunication’s Shared Shortcodes

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Textmunication’s shared short codes

Above are the shared short codes that are provisioned to Textmunication for reference. We offer these to our current and future clients in the US and Canada to use to communicate to their mobile audience.

What are shared short codes?

Shared short codes are a 5 - 6 digit number that businesses can brand to send and receive text messages from an application to their mobile subscribers. Shared short codes are more cost effective and don't have to be included in your marketing budget because we take care of that service cost for you. Also when deciding to use a shared short code you don't have to worry if it is vanity or non-vanity because we also decide that for you.

What are dedicated short codes?

Dedicated short codes are a 5 - 6 digit number that is owned and exclusively used by one brand. Dedicated short codes can be a little more expensive if the brand provisioning the code decides to get a complete set of numbers that is specifically selected, also known as a dedicated vanity short code ($1,000/month). They also have the option to get a dedicated non-vanity short code which is a short code dedicated to them, but with random numbers assigned ($500/month).

Dedicated Versus Shared

Although you must know that if you are using a shared short code some keyword you would like to assign to the number can be limited. For example if Business A is using keyword DEMO than Business B or C cannot on a shared short code. On the other hand if you want to select a dedicated short code then you will not have to worry about that. Your final cost will be determined if you decide to go the vanity or non-vanity route.

Want to Provision a Dedicated Vanity or Non-vanity Short Code?

Want to Provision a Dedicated Vanity or
Non-vanity Short Code?


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