Reporting in text marketing systems matters just like it does for every other area in your marketing mix that you gather information from. The purpose of reporting is to communicate information that is being collected so we can understand how close we are to reaching a desired outcome and also to know exactly what to do next. That is really what defines actionable insight and how we are trying to deploy it within our system.


Report types you get with SAM


SAMs reporting purpose and style is meant to serve the text marketing practitioner and may have a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to understanding exactly how it contributes to the development of your text marketing system. Although, the intention is still the same. Here are the reporting types you are given with SAM:


Campaign reporting


Campaign reporting delivers a super user friendly library of all the manual campaign activity that is conducted on the platform level. Here you can easily see all your campaigns, the total amount of contacts you have reached and the total amount of deliveries.


Referral reporting


Referral reporting gives users the ability to see all referral activity that is sent from the system as well as all the information that is recorded in the webform that is submitted.


Scratcher reporting


Scratcher reporting shows users scratch card statistics such as how many messages were delivered, to whom, what the message was, how many played, how many lost and how many As well as the source of the campaign which essentially explains who 


Auto-SMS reporting


Auto-SMS reporting gives users insights on their automated messaging statistics in two dimensions. The first is on the automated message the status of the messages activity that goes out and the count. Second is on details of the recipient who was reached, the message, whether they are opted in or out of the program as well as the type of automated alert that they were sent. This data can either be selected on a specific day or in a range.


Rewards reporting


The rewards reporting has manually and automated reporting functionality, but they essentially tell our users the same thing. This feature is built around Textmunication loyalty reports toolkit which supports user retention and rewards customer journey. This report gives insight on check-in and reward messages that go out of the system.


Disclaimers reporting


The disclaimer reporting describes the amount of disclaimers that go out of the system and takes statistics similarly to the Auto-SMS reporting. Again users get to see the disclaimer message status and count. They also get to see the details of the recipient who was reached, the message, whether they opted in or out of the program as well as the type of automated alert that the disclaimer was sent with. This data can either be selected on a specific day or in a range.


URL click reporting


The URL click reporting is one of our best engagement measurement tools. System generated links that are embedded in SAM’s URL shortener allow users to see important click reporting insight such as the type of campaign that the link was sent from, the details of the system generated URL, how many clicks it got and the time stamp on those clicks for specifics. This data can only be viewed in a range.


Detailed reporting


The detailed reporting module is split into two sections, detailed and summary. If detail is selected, the reporting feature gives our users specific subscriber insights regarding the detailed MT and MO activities that are rehearsed in the systems for either all or a nominated MT type. If summary is selected then you get a state overview of the amount of messages that were both sent and received by the system. As well as a quick rendering of the statistics in a visualization. This data can only be viewed in a range.


Custom reporting


The custom reporting module is a powerful interface for all your messaging stats. You can generate multiple types of reports by creating different combinations of reporting agendas. The feature allows our users to select a campaign category, a time period which is either daily, weekly or yearly, and a detailed or summarized report type. This section also displays a quick overview of the account overview for the current month which includes important lead generation insight such as keyword opt-ins, loyalty reward opt-ins, web form opt-ins, total opt-outs, disclaimers and more.


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