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SMS marketing is expected to be a $50B market in 2017 and grow to more than $75B by 2021. The Textmunication SMS White Label Solution allows companies to become instant providers of SMS powered by Textmunication’s tested and robust SMS platform.

Here are the top benefits of our White Label Solution communication platform. White Label gives you complete control of your brand, so you’ll enjoy more workplace satisfaction and better control over finances. With the convenience of Textmunication’s program, you can launch a thriving business in a fraction of the time.

Benefits of Textmunication’s SMS White Label

Caters to novices. Creating a mobile marketing platform from scratch requires significant IT expertise – as well as ample trial and error to ensure the platform works. With our White Label platform, the platform has been fully tested to ensure it operates at optimal capacity. Textmunication provides added support and troubleshooting, allowing you to launch your business quickly and easily – no matter your level of experience.

Build your brand. Some entrepreneurs may decide to work as an agent for an existing mobile platform. While this is easier and faster than building your own platform, it requires you to work beneath the shadow of another company, prohibiting you from cultivating your own brand. Our White Label allows you to sell all our services under your own brand name, so you can steadily build your mobile marketing business without signing over rights to another company.

Control your own customers. With our SMS White Label, you remain in complete control of your customers. This allows you to set your own prices, package the services in bundles that fit the needs of your clients and form a strong rapport with each customer. Providing great customer service is critical to building a successful business. Controlling your own customer base allows you to tailor your SMS service bundles to accommodate the unique needs of each customer.

Launch your business faster. When selling SMS communication, many entrepreneurs build their platform from scratch. This is incredibly time-consuming, often offsetting your launch date by months. It also entails a considerable financial investment making it difficult for new entrepreneurs. By purchasing the Textmunication white label solution, the platform has already been created and has all the bugs worked out – so you can launch your business immediately with lower upfront costs.

Earn More Money

Our White Label platform is an investment that will rapidly pay for itself in recurring customers and brand loyalty. You control every aspect of your business and clientele, so you can build your brand more quickly and create a name for yourself in your industry.