MyLA is our loyalty solution that integrates with our Textmunication platform. MyLA starts with a tablet at your location which allows customers to sign-up using their phone number to receive rewards from your business. For example, they might enter the phone number and check-in for the first time and receive a small sign-up reward like a free drink or 10% off their purchase. They would also receive a link to finish their sign-up and you could request information such as their email or birthday so you can also add them to your email subscriber and birthday rewards list.

Each time a customer returns to your establishment and checks-in, they receive additional promotional rewards customized by you. An example could be a free entree or $15 off after 10 check-ins. This is a win-win for you and your customer. You get to build your subscriber data base for both your text and email promotions while encouraging customer loyalty with free rewards, and the customer gets free rewards without having to hold onto a stamp, sticker or punch-hole type loyalty card. This approach is a great way to introduce a loyalty program, upgrade or digitize an existing loyalty program so you can reap the benefits of customer data, customer retention and customer tracking.

About MyLA:

– MyLA Rewards Setup (Birthday, Sign-Up, Monthly, Check-in )
– MyLA Rewards Sign-Up Page
– MyLA tablet or Merchant check-in of Customers
– Automated SMS offers of Rewards and Campaigns
– Daily Merchant Report
– SMS Ad-hoc Offers to Customers
– Comprehensive Analytics
– Recurring Send SMS offers and Bday club surprise offers
– Signup via SMS
– Appeasing Marketing Collateral

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Webwidgets
  • Mobile Coupons
  • SMS Reminders
  • Text 2 Find
  • Text 2 Win
  • mCommerce
  • Link Delivery
  • Mobile Voting/Polls
  • Multimedia Messaging
  • Launch Kits
  • MyLA
  • Scratcher
  • SMS alerts – TXHD to 87365

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