Religious Organizations

The Jones family has a lot going on throughout the week and is trying to figure out what to do with the kids this weekend. On Wednesday, Mrs. Jones receives a text-message reminder of your family barbeque on Sunday. She tells her husband of the great opportunity to meet new people, have good food, and let the kids have fun. They text back to RSVP to make sure they can get some of the barbeque. Boring weekend… gone! Let Textmunication remind your community of your events.

In the weekly bulletin, from the pulpit, you want your city and members to know and remember about your churches’ events. Textmunication is a quick and efficient way for you to do just that. Send reminders for an event to guarantee a great turn-out. Allow members to sign up or RSVP to classes, seminars, or special services. Encourage members with a daily verse or passage to read.

You want to build a relationship with your audience. Communication is the key to healthy relationships. Textmunication can greatly enhance your communication.

  • Have people sign up for events by texting their information to a keyword.
  • Send out daily bible verses to your congregation to keep them up-to-date on your bible reading plan
  • Reach your entire prayer network via mobile messaging so they can pray wherever they are.
  • Allow people to give tithes, offerings and other donations right from their mobile device.
  • Send out weekly bulletin with updates for your church.
  • Set up unique keywords for your jr. high, high school, college group, young professionals, small groups or to the entire congregation so they can stay up to date with the groups they are involved in.