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A group of college students are trying to figure out where to hang out tonight. There are so many places to go, how can they choose. Then one of them gets a text from you because he went to your club before and he loved it so much he signed up for your mobile events alerts. He sees from the text that you have a band coming in tonight to play live music. He doesn’t even have to convince the group, they are in. Textmunication just helped you make their night utilizing SMS marketing!

Mobile marketing with Textmunication is a way for you to promote your events and specials to your audience. Whether you want an exclusive audience to get your updates or anyone who might be curious, you can provide instant access to any announcements you want to publicize. Use SMS to have contests or polls your customers can interact with to win discounted rates. Encourage people to sign up for bottle service or VIP access through text marketing. Enhance the VIP experience with exclusive updates and offers.

Textmunication can help you increase your bottom line in a proven, effective, and innovative way.

  • Announce upcoming parties and events / Pre-sale VIP access service.
  • Send out instant offers to drive customers in with mobile offers.
  • Build a list of VIP clients that WANT to hear from you.
  • Create polls and get instant feedback from your patrons.
  • Customer engagement through contests & alerts.
  • Build brand awareness and create customer loyalty.