Today is Sam’s anniversary but it seems to have slipped his mind. Thankfully you had a mobile reminder setup that was sent straight to his mobile phone reminding him about his special day. He is reminded that he needs to find the perfect arrangement of flowers for his special someone. He then simply replies to your text with his order or goes online from his phone and selects the perfect arrangement. You arrange it for him, so when he comes in, he picks it up, and is on his way. Sam appreciates the time he saved by instantly ordering from you, and is grateful that you kept him off of the couch for the weeks to come. Now that just may be a customer for life, all because you went mobile.

In 2009, customers purchased $1.6 billion worth of flowers via their mobile phone. It is obvious that the future of florist marketing is sms messaging. This is where Textmunication can be your best ally. Allow customers to sign up for text alerts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. You can use sms to showcase your sale or special arrangement of the week. Allow customers to order and pay for orders via text message.

With the wide array of tools Textmunication can provide your business, your customers will know exactly where to turn when they need to brighten somebody’s day… you!

  • Create a database of clients that you can send special holiday announcements, anniversary reminders, birthday alerts, etc.
  • Showcase your monthly or weekly bouquets.
  • Send incentives to your database for referrals.
  • Encourage clients to make their Valentines bouquets in advance so you can better plan your inventory for this busy holiday.
  • You can view a list of all mobile purchases directly from Textmunication’s platform.
  • Ability to track your conversion ratio and see the impact SMS has on our bottom line.