Authors: The Textmunication Team | December 5, 2017 | 3 mins

Read on to review some of the ways you can use SMS marketing this December. With holiday shopping approaching what better way is there to greet your clients with a text message campaign?


Holiday SMS Marketing

With the Holiday shopping season kicking into high gear, businesses are ready for their busiest period of the year by marketing their products and presenting great deals. The success of the Holiday campaign depends on reaching customers in an effective way.

A recent survey shows mobile internet usage outpaced fixed internet usage. Nearly 98% of all mobile devices are SMS enabled, making it the mobile channel offering the widest reach possible. SMS Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to achieve their sales goals during the Holiday campaign. Mobile marketing is simple and seamless. Let’s explore some of SMS marketing strategies you can use to engage your database this December.

Shortcode and Keyword Marketing

A short code and a keyword are the two focuses of the SMS campaign. A short code is a 5-digit number easily recognizable by the consumer. By opting into the SMS short code, the consumer takes an active role in the campaign. The text messages should be under 160 characters to make the message short, simple and impactful. The cost of SMS marketing is relatively low. Surveys document a 97% read-rate with SMS versus 18% through email marketing.

Send Offers:

Send offers to your loyal customers via SMS. Millions of customers can be reached effortlessly. The text message will reach the customers instantly and most SMS campaigns are acted upon within minutes.

Send Reminders:

Businesses can send SMS to remind their clients of upcoming appointments. The reminder alerts your customers about their appointment, service time and any preparation needed for the appointment. The reminders keep the no-shows to a minimum and assists in loyalty and branding.

Collect Feedback:

Customer feedback is very important for any type of business. SMS is a two-way interaction channel. Invite your customers to provide feedback through SMS surveys by using “keyword marketing” on promotional materials. The results can be posted in social media and on your business website.

Build Relationships:

SMS campaigns build long-term relationships between you and your customers. Customers like receiving SMS campaigns because they have opted-in to the SMS database. This incentivizes them to be your loyal customer.

Textmunication’s mobile marketing solution is built for these strategies and is ready to support your upcoming Holiday campaign needs. Want to speak with a representative and have them show you how it all works? Sign up for a demo.


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