Textmunication studied* and found that one-fourth of internet users are mobile-only. And they consume 4 hours daily on the same. Imagine what mobile messaging to your audience can do for your brand’s growth and sales. What opportunities you can explore with simple texts!

If your business mostly registers outgoing communication but craves to see more incoming from users, rely upon direct messaging for direct responses. The responses could be replies to your content, engagement over your social media handles, website, and inbox, or even online sales.

Why SMS Marketing for Direct Response from Customers

  1. Direct Messaging

    SMS marketing is one of the most fruitful direct messaging marketing avenues. Your comms land directly in users’ hands—those users who’ve already provided their consent for promotional campaigns. So, you don’t need to worry about breaching someone’s privacy or stepping the boundaries.

    Also, you can make comms –

  2. Customized

    Users like quick messages and promotions that don’t overwhelm them. With stunning faces and larger-than-life scenarios in print and mass media, they can’t relate to the adverts.

    Texts are simple. Take the campaign or leave it. Click the CTA and get done with it if they want to pursue your brand. Even with MMS marketing messages, they mostly see images and videos of the products rather than unrelatable protagonists, thus striking a better connection.

    With SMS marketing, you can personalize your messages and make your audience feel valued, not bombarded with out-of-the-blue content. And this makes direct messaging marketing –

  3. Result-Oriented

    SMS registers a 98% of open rate. Not an easily achievable number, we must say, in marketing. 74%** of users carry 0 unread texts on their mobiles. 83%* of your audience likes scheduling and appointment reminders to land as texts in their hands.

    If these stats don’t attract you, you’re missing an opportunity that only a handful of businesses have explored yet. But if these stats have tempted you, here’s how to receive direct user responses using SMS and MMS marketing.

Generate Direct User Responses with SMS Marketing

  1. Personalize

    Personalization is the most important step in marketing, as your users’ attention span has shrunk to a few seconds. Address them by their names, and send only the relevant content at the right time and an apt frequency. Then only you can grab their attention and keep it continued for long.

    Also, follow a user’s buying journey and learn what they’re browsing on the internet and social media. Based on their shopping history, send them recommendations. Notify them about the stock clearance sale, stock replenishment, and big shopping fests they might be interested in.

    For all these to go smoothly, segment your user database and learn personalization strategies for higher user response rates.

  2. Explore Opportunities

    Schedule your customers’ appointments, cancel them, remind users about them, and accept the RSVPs of an event—you can do so much with just an SMS (or MMS). And without an internet connection, your users can respond anytime from anywhere. A task of only a few seconds.

    Tie up with social media influencers and your loyal customers for promotions over an SMS. Spread a word about your brand.

    Remind your users about the products sitting on their wish lists and carts. Reveal your latest products feature by feature and create curiosity.

    Make people aware of your causes and fundraisers. Share your blog posts as an SMS link and circulate your industry news and your brand’s laurels. Run events and collect payments. Even if several event invitations receive nays, you’ve already made sure to stay in users’ minds for a long time.

    Imagine how much footprints you can garner when users share your content within their networks. The moon is the limit of what you can do with the power of an SMS.

  3. Reward

    You exist because your users do. Even a thriving business can collapse without recognizing and rewarding customer relationships.

    Use simple techniques to keep users engaged and honor their association. Let your users know you’ve been thinking about them on their special days. Send them discount coupons. Welcome new users with a deal that satiates their cravings, like details of an upcoming sale.

    Revere your frequent users by adding them to a premium club and sending them offers they can’t resist.

    Even when a user leaves you, thank them and wish them better things in life. Send them a note that you’d love to see them return. To the dormant users, remind your existence and offer them something that can mobilize their buying journey once again.

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Need A Partner to Shoot Your Users’ Responses?

Textmunication, an SMS marketing brand, is helping clients like you in various industries like healthcare, fitness, food, social good, and many more. If you’ve been looking for a partner to start your text marketing journey, stop your search now. Contact us here to schedule a free demo or get a quote.


* Textmunication Brochure

** State of Texting by Textmunication


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