Not all marketing messages are promotional. Some are informational and transactional. But most marketing communications leave impressions in your users’ minds and eventually drive growth and revenue. Unless your content isn’t read. But when it’s SMS, the read and response rates are the highest among all advertising media.

In this post, we’re sharing tactics to apply in SMS marketing that directly or indirectly help your brand stand out in the crowd.

Increase Your Revenue Using Text Marketing

  1. From Cart to Order
    Encouraging your users to finish the journey from display to the billing desk guarantees your sales. And reminding your users to get back to what they have added to their cart or wish list is one trick that never fails in reducing abandoned cart products.Sending timely reminders about the products lying in wait through SMS helps you make more revenue. You can bank on this chance because SMS technology has a high read and open rate.

    Shoot a reminder within an hour of the abandonment. Trigger a follow-up SMS after a day and then a week. This text marketing strategy reminds the distracted users about their products lying in wait to be purchased.

  2. Stronger Customer Loyalty
    Your users don’t just wait for deals, they also like updates on the industry news and know-how tips. Also, growth tricks and hacks.Imagine a brand chiming in once a quarter with an email. Would users care about them? What would be that brand’s recall value? Negligible because several emails are either deleted or sent to the junk section. If neither, users simply ignore them to rot unread forever.

    But 90% of the SMSes get read in the first 3 minutes. So, send them news of the latest happenings around them. Did you recently attend an event? Did you achieve a breakthrough in the share market? Launched a podcast or appeared in one of those swanky talk shows? Share it all.

    You can forge a stronger bond by being in their memory’s periphery and growing their trust in your brand. Share your achievements at the right hours and with proper frequency and see your revenue rise.

  3. Approachable Helpdesk
    Helping customers with their questions and problems goes a long way in sustaining a steadily growing business. But reaching out to the help center without wasting a lot of time and getting frustrated is not the only problem a customer faces in context with the helpdesk. They also get lost in the long IVR cycles and waiting time to talk to a human.This is your chance to bank on an opportunity many businesses miss to care about attentively.

    Create a series of automated SMS messages based on the queries you receive. Even if a user is emailing with their issue or reaching out to your chatbot service, you can send them a quick SMS (if they’ve consented earlier). Why so? Because SMS is the channel known for the best response rate.

    When you respond via SMS, it’s personal communication, not a post blasted to millions over social media. This non-spammy mobile marketing with SMS and MMS approach helps you cut through the competition.

  4. Personalization
    And because the 1:1 approach works so well, don’t miss wooing your customers with personalized messages.Never stop listening to your users. Know them thoroughly. For instance, if you’re an apparel dealer, segment your customers based on their preferences and pricing. Come festive seasons, send affordable clothing designs with a short link to those in the regular pricing segment. Share newly launched designs with people who window-shopped at your outlets or website.

    Similarly, don’t hesitate to pick up special days like birthdays and anniversaries to offer a discount voucher for the whole month. This un-salesy trick is so profit-rearing that most users jump on these deals.

  5. Non-Promotional Content
    Yes, non-promotional content. Although not related to revenue generation directly, it can leave an impression on your audience’s mind. Float on top of their thoughts using mobile marketing with SMS. And thus, you influence their purchasing decisions indirectly.But how can you meander in their brain? Send content that could be of help to them. Of course, only after they have opted in.

    Share hacks and tips about nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness if you’re dealing in sports, gyms, fitness centers, or medical & health institutes. Circulate pop culture, local, and global news if you run an NGO or are a political party. Spread the word about personal hygiene and lifestyle if it relates to your business somehow. Global and personal finance news and growth tips if you’re running a bank, accounting firm, or any business in money management.

    The bottom line is: share news and information with your audience once in a while helpful to them. This shows how you’re concerned about their wellness and prosperity. And then wait for SMS Marketing to make profits for you.

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