The automated SMS affect


Automated SMS (text messaging) communication is proven to increase communication efficiencies within your business. Why? Well it allows your team to focus on tasks where human involvement is really needed. That’s the great thing about SMS marketing automation. When you hire SAM you can automate specific communication scenarios between your business and your consumers using SMS messaging. In reality each task has an allotted amount of time needed to complete, so it all adds up. It is best to set it, forget it and let it go to work for you. Let’s review some of the benefits of SMS automation.


Information symmetry


In our data driven era, accuracy is a priority when sending information. Automated SMS technology supports the transaction of information because it can be costly and time consuming to manually target certain information. Whether it is regarding account information, billing updates, security alerts and more. It is important that your business has the ability to do it at scale and with accuracy.


Communication streamline


A lot of resources have to be allocated to monitor all of the relationships you have with your consumers one by one. Which is why automated SMS helps with retention strategies that nurture your customer relationships for you. You want to inform your consumers about a time-sensitive promotion, exclusive offer, or other important news. Schedule and automate the communication so while it’s happening your team can invest in other areas of your business.


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Trigger and segment-based automation


Automated SMS functions on triggers and actions around specific events. That is the magic behind it all. As a business owner or manager, you have seen first hand which type of communication is needed based on specific consumer interaction. Think consumer initiation if you feel that you still have a growth curve in this area. That great thing about triggers is they can lead to one-on-one communication, an onboarding series or a relevant offer that is based off re-engagement.


The marriage between integration and automation


Automated SMS communication strategies is a huge piece of the pie, but it even works better if you are integrating the system into others. For example, your CRM, your website, your social media channels, your email marketing campaigns, your PPC strategy, SEO and more. Finding the process automation and integration flow that works for your business can take some research and critical investigation. You may need to trial the layout of a system to proof the concept and validate if it is working for you. Although, finding the right piece and putting them together is what makes your business unique.


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