The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and SMS Marketing

1. Is SMS marketing too intrusive for my members?
Response: SMS communication and marketing is consumer initiated and works on an opt-in and opt-out basis. Those that don’t want texts will not receive them.

2. Are there any action items I need to address on my end when launching an SMS program? 
Response: We recommend applying a standard SMS disclaimer to your guest waiver forms and membership agreements to gain double opt-ins and address best practices.

3. How often should I text my members without it being too much?
Response: Don’t disclose a commitment to a numerical amount of messages they will receive, but instead use “periodic or re-occurring” messages. We also recommend not texting the same individual or same group more than 4 times in a given month. Textmunication can set the maximum limit in your account.

4. How do I opt-in new members and prospects into the SMS platform?
Response: Textmunication auto pulls new members, prospects and cancellations each night. We automate the SMS disclaimer within the required 48-hour window disclosing to the member they will receive periodic messages. They can opt-out if they don’t want to receive SMS notifications. We also equip users with additional opt-in sources such as keywords and on-line sign up pages.

5. How do I get my existing database of members, prospects and cancellations to opt-in for texting purposes?
Response: When Textmunication auto pulls existing data, an automatic disclaimer goes out with an invitation to opt-in via a keyword. Those taking action are now opted-in to their perspective category groups. Online sign-up pages and written consent are also available. Again, a member can opt-out at any time by sending “STOP”.

6. If I have an existing text provider and want to switch to Textmunication, can I roll over my database?
Response: Yes, you may convert your opt-in data. Before launching Textmunication services, we need to be provided your opt-out data to eliminate those members from receiving messages from the new provider – as they opted-out in the past.

7. Do my text messages roll over from month to month if I do not use them all before the month ends?
Response: There is no roll over because every month text message limits resets.