Among our diverse range of clients we are currently serving we are proud to say that we are striving to make bars and clubs as lucrative as possible with the least of efforts. Thanks to our special SMS Marketing services, your regular clients as well as one-timers can get real-time notifications on their mobile phones alerting them on the hottest events your location will be hosting. The Textmunication team promises to work with you to develop the best text marketing plan possible that can perfectly suit your necessities, goals, and budget. And, most importantly, do it safely and with the utmost customer care in mind at all times. They will love you for that!

Make Their Night!

Promote all of your events and special menus or discounts via text messages – 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes upon receiving them according to official statistics in the field. So what better way of staying in touch with your old and new clients could you possibly think of? You can select the option that only an exclusive audience will receive your text notifications concerning certain events, or you can let anyone curious about your upcoming bar flair events join you. Speaking of playing with fire in the most spectacular way possible, we strongly advise you to make sure you are respecting all of the fire safety norms you are supposed to oblige after. If your space is too small to be hosting more people than have showed up, make sure you invest in a larger space and in the meanwhile take all the necessary security measures to provide all of them with a sufficient number of emergency exists. It only takes a fraction of a second for a whole club to burst into flames because of an unfortunate accident.

Keep Your Clients Safe

Get in touch with the local fire department and get the authorization you need and get checked permanently. Also contact a local 24/7 Phoenix locksmith locksmith and have him inspect the state of your door and window locks; rekey or replace obsolete locks with new and sturdy Grade 1 and Grade 2 locks; strongly consider having dead bolts added to each of your front door locks as well for more peace of mind. If your windows do not already have locks installed, fix this and add safety bars – don’t worry, clients will not feel they are jailed should you choose nicely designed, aesthetic safety bars for the windows. If you wish to keep your windows bar-less so they can help out in case there is the need for everyone to rapidly leave the bar or club, you should at least use window blocks that will enable you to let the fresh air come in, but prevent potential intruders from breaking an entry.

Surveillance camera systems, sensor alarms enabled after everyone has left the premises, and general security systems should also be able to provide you with a tremendous degree of peace and feeling of being safe and keeping all of your clients and employees safe at all times. Keep an eye on your clients and notice any potentially damaging or harmful activities or behaviors. Stop them on time and prevent scandals from occurring by using your mobile surveillance cameras installed in all areas of the bar or club.



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